Thoughts of plenty…

Many times I have been witness to this very thought I am putting down today.  It is amazing how the journey to what I desire is more fun than the receiving! Have you ever noticed how what you want seems so essential until you get it, and then you look for what is next? Life has a way of helping us see these things.   In the diversity of life, there are all those growing places where we find the lessons that show us our true-hearted wants.

I didn’t realize that I can imagine having 1000 dollars and buy whatever my heart desired, yet not really be buying anything. I guess I am buying experiences.

I love to do this when I feel like money may be too low, I don’t want that vibration in my life so I get on a shopping network and add all the beautiful things I would love to have in my cart. I leave those things there for days, come back add then subtract and then leave them there for a while longer.  As the days go on, I find that I really feel the same want or desire to have them.  I feel like I already have them in a way. And before I know it, I have manifested the money to get those things, but I have changed my mind by then.

I love that I can fantasize about what I want to happen in my life, those moments bring me fun times.  I find that those kinds of days show up soon after.  It is all a lie that life has to be hard, it is a lie that was made I guess so those in charge could control the masses.

I am not supposed to have a hard life.  I have always believed in a happy life, I just didn’t know how to get there until recently.

The other day as I was working on my new sunroom, I was reminded of how conflicts help us to set off rockets of desire, thoughts of what we would love to have and want.  The first step is natural, I know what I want, and I know what I do not want.  The universe will give me what I am thinking about the hardest.  If I concentrate on what I do not want, then I will get that.  If I focus on what I do want I get that.  Sound simple but with all the limitations I had learned it can be pretty rough getting your mind to see only the right you want.  Laughing out loud.

So I found myself in a bit of a power struggle this weekend, it sent me down that road I have made such a worn path in.  That route of being right.  It is hard not to want everyone to be where you think or want them to be.  It is not for them to be there it is really their job not to be in alignment with you.  Sometimes we find co-creation but most times not, most of the time we are on each other’s nerves.  Not really but it does seem like it.  It is hard to shift your thoughts from being upset or stressed out because you have been taught that those who do not see your way are the reason for you not feeling joy.  HOW WRONG THAT THOUGHT IS!

No one can control you, that is the first thing you have to unlearn.  No one can make you feel a certain way.  No one can hurt you unless you allow it.  You are the only one who has control over what you want.  You have a right to be selfish, and you have a right to say yes or no.

When you love who you are you end up loving others for who they are.

I am finding that I have not loved me for me.  I have found that I try to please others more than myself, I try to make me a second at best and I lived in a place of denial of who I honestly am.  I kept looking in the mirror and trying to find the person I was inside. I usually would throw my hands up and walk off. NOT anymore.  For the last couple of months, I have become my own BFF! It is exhilarating to find your right you and not allow anyone to come between that connection.  No more do I put others ahead of myself.

I was able to find a quiet place to sit and calm down and find relief.  I felt better as I looked at how I was reacting to a situation that was not working for me.  I was being pulled into a place I did not belong nor did I want to be.  When I figured that out I was grateful for the lesson I learned at that moment.  It felt good to walk away, calm down, find relief, think about what this problem was helping me to learn and then letting it go.

I am able to do that with pain now.  I am able to find a place of quiet, no tv, no nosebook, no twitter, nothing, just the chirping of a bird, the sound of a fan the ticking of a clock.  I sit there and listen, and only think about the noise.

I realize the pain is a sign of resistance I am having, I know my body is able to handle anything but resistance, so when I stopped my thoughts, I felt better.  I have to stop the resistance and find my way back to my natural state.  My normal state and this is true for everyone is joy and peace! I allowed my mind to stop thinking about the problem which is causing it to grow and become much more significant.  My pain usually ends when I find quiet.  I allow my body to do what it knows how to do.  I can’t believe how much our emotions affect our well-being.

Our pain is from resistance to who we are.  When we look for things to be worried about or get our noses in things we are not meant to get our noses in we find that life gets hard.  How nice to just walk away and know that those issues will resolve itself without my interference. I am not talking about letting someone hurt another you are smarter than that.  You see the things I am talking about, running to the doctor for a welfare check-up, getting into someone’s drama on nosebook, taking up the cause that is not even worth taking up.  Worry about things that you can not help and if you could, you would.  It’s ok to disagree with things but do you really need to express it on your nosebook?  What do you think that will help solve?

I find that looking for the 80% of magnificent things going on in this world is far better than the 20% of stupid things that are really of no matter.   Believe it or not but most of the 20% is OLD  or FAKE NEWS!!! Look into most of what you are putting your time in, and you will find out that it really isn’t as bad as It was made out to be.  It has become a habit to find things that make us feel upset.  Joy, happiness, enlightenment, love have become a thing of the past.  Once in a while, if you are lucky you might run into one of those emotions and wonder why there are not more of them.  There is, you just have disconnected from the garbage, and bring back the yummy feelings into your life.  In others words, your work is to find the best feeling you can find for that day and keep it as a magical little secret!

I took my little dog to the vet today, the vet was so in the zone of treat and repeat she had no idea what we really were there for.  I finally had to grab the vet tech and get her to listen to what I wanted.  Why are we so disconnect in our lives?  Work has become a routine and family is pretty much just a distraction.

There are three ways to know when you are not in resistance of who your normal is.

  1. Joyful feeling
  2. Eagerness to go and live your day
  3. Being in love

I am entirely changing the way I practice both Holistically and personally.  I will not be sucked into a drama that has absolutely nothing to do with them. Those lessons are only an exercise to overcome and return back to your God-given happy, loving, joyful way. When you want to continue to defend your lack, your illness, your need to make others happy, that is a classic sign to me that you are in resistance and making your life harder as well as creating your illness.  I will ask what is going on in their life more so than where it hurts.  WE NEED TO STOP AND LISTEN TO OURSELF! I want to know what they are in resistance to, which is keeping them from their natural state of life.  If they are unhappy, because of the beautiful lessons we came to overcome and learn from then that is where we will start.  NO ONE IS HERBAL OR PRESCRIPTION DEFICIENT!!

I love where my practice is going, I am clearer, I have seen more healing in these past two months than I have my entire lifetime.  I am healthy that it is my normal!

I look forward to teaching others how to connect with their true self.  I am not this human shell, I am a vibrational being having a remarkable journey of evolving, growing and learning from this controversial, lovely, diverse Earth.






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