I have made it to the big 50.  I can report that I feel better now than I did in my 20’s.  Indeed in my 20’s I suffered from depression, living with past, fear-based, limited beliefs was having children and my mind was not where it is today.  In my 30’s I felt like I was missing something and I was not doing well in health. My marriage was one-sided, and I was looking for love outside of myself.   My 40’s were messed up big time with a botched up hysterectomy as well as being hooked on benzos.  I have dragged, crawled and at times just laid there to die these past years of my life.

I have found freedom as I make my 50 debuts! All the crawling, struggling, as I made my way to this day was worth it.  I am braver as well as stronger as I look forward to the hard and good times.  I really don’t see evil, right, or hard in life anymore.  I know the journey that I must take to learn what I planned for before I made my trip to this world.  Life is about the changes, not the sitting where we are and waiting for death.  I am so happy that I have found me.  I do not need anyone in my life I am blessed to have the love I crave in me.  It has always been there I just had to find it out through my trials and tribulations.  I look forward to continuing to find the real truth through my heart, not allowing my mind to control me but I control my mind.  I grow and get better every day. I am learning to follow my heart, to live my truth as I continue to grow in the love we all have access to.

So this Blog will be short as I have a list of things to enjoy today.  I have not made it halfway through life by the way.  I have found there is no time limit in life. Time is a thought that was taught to us to be used to keep us limited.   I am only limited when I allow myself to be.

Wishing you the best of wishes, may you have a fantastic fun-filled day!


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