I found my mystical imagination

I am so excited today!!  I found my imagination, not the one that can see every possible negativity but the one you had as a child that made life magical!!

You remember that imagination where you could fly from room to room, pick up a car in a matter of minutes, solve any problem with just a smile and a kiss. That mystical imagination that helps you find your mojo of endless energies and happiness, the one where you can go to any place in the world and have the time of your life.  If not I want to help you find it again.

The imagination we have been left with as we adult is a poor excuse for an invention.  It’s  sad, depressed, filled with fears and limited to say just a few kinds words about it. The imagination we have been left with has so many problems no wonder none of us want to use it.  You know that vision that jumps to the wrong conclusion. The one that shows your mind’s eye every uncertain situation to any situation. The one that doesn’t see the positive side of everything, and talks you into believing the very worst of yourself and just about everything else,  That limited imagination that has not helped you to find the actual endless positive, happy energy that is indeed yours. The kid in us knows that mystical vision that helps us accomplish whatever we set our mind to do. We just have forgotten that mystical imagination as we grew up.

There are so many distractions in our world, I type this as my phone goes off with different notifications.  I have taught myself to ignore it, if I didn’t I would not get my thoughts down and most of the time it isn’t anything of importance.  Yet we have these little devices that are always trying to get our attention.  If it isn’t the electronics, then it is my job, my dogs, the tv or something else that works to distract me.  I have had to and do everyday practice being in the present.  I am here writing my thoughts on my blog, and that is where I will stay till I am done.  I am starting a workout, I first meditated on it, then get up and do it.  I used my imagination to make it fun and pretended to be climbing stairs and running up and down my hill, I pretended to have water buckets full of water, each time I made a lap I traded up in size. I had to laugh because my dogs looked at me like I was crazy as I imagined how careful I needed to be to not spill my imaginary water. By the time I was up to 50 pounds of water, I was really out of breath, and my pulse was up.  I wasn’t working that hard, but in my mind I was.

Several studies have shown when conducted on several test subjects that were divided into two groups, in one group they had them do physical exercises, the other team did mental tasks the same as the material group was doing but only in their minds. They practiced 15 mins a day for two weeks when both groups were tested on muscle mass they both showed results.  Our minds can control us or we can control our thoughts.  We have excess to endless energies, we were never taught how to access.

I will not go into all the ends and outs of this because there is a book that explains it so much better than I could, and I know it took him years of research to find all this data he has compiled into one handy-dandy reference.

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon 

by Dr. Joe Dispenza  (Author)

This book helped me to find my mystical imagination.  I love that in my work out today, I played and acted silly imagining all these things I was doing while safe in my warm little home, but get this my breathing was up, and my heart rate was up. It was if what I imagined I was doing I was really doing, your mind knows no difference. We can use our minds to help us to heal and do remarkable things, but since we have allowed our minds to take over, we are in a lose-lose situation. Within ourselves we can create anything we want, yet when we start to develop and try to tell the abundance of energy to manifest into what we wish we mess up by having expectations on how we expect it to come about.  The real creator, artist, thinker outside of the box, know that we just with intention and allow whatever it is to manifest the way it is supposed.

So many times when I wish or dream of something I had allowed my brain to anxiety me out by asking how, what, where, when and why.  I got in my own way so I could not bring into my life the very things I wished or dreamed of. The mind loves to bring in doubt, what others call reality.  If I put down on paper my intentions, then how that purpose will make me feel once it is here, I then get out of my way.  I then go on being thankful and know that it is on its way.  I do not need to plan, worry, or do anything but keep my eyes open stay in the present be grateful and dream about how happy I will be when It gets here.  Too many times we get bombarded with the details.  LET THAT SHIT GO!!!

When I stay in a present moment, not allowing any distractions I am happier, I feel more energy, I am in a calm state with myself.  I am noticing when I am not in the present and in my past or future.  If I am in the past I am thinking of all the things that have happened to me, I am sad, depressed, lack the energy to do anything and find distractions.  If I am in the future, I feel anxiety, frustrations, angry, upset and feel wired.  When we are in the present, we are using energy to stay in a place we really have no business being in.  When in the present I am clam clear-headed, I feel energized without feeling amped up.  I am happy and can see more clearly what I want to do and not do.  Meditation helps us find that present moment. Meditation helps us get out of our way.

Meditation helps us connect to that endless energy supply what is always out there for us to relate to.  Meditation helps to train us to stay in present mind, not the wondering monkey brain as it is called by Buddhist.  I love being here in the now, there was a time my mind would fight me to stay in a chaotic mindset. I would go to the past about the hurts I felt from this or that, or I would worry about something that was in the future that I had no business worrying about.  Life became this constant pull from one extreme to the next.  I would try and get myself to stop by finding other things to distract me, like government problems, medical issues or my own health.  I was making myself sick, so I could stay in a state of constant denial of what poor shape my brain was in.

I was allowing my brain to have control instead of me being in control.  To shut out the world and just be in the present can be very scary for folks.  You have the reality of yourself and what you have allowed your life to become.  But that is where you find your healing, and that is when you will see your world changing to what you dreamed it would and could be.  The only thing scary in the world is the unknown, but you can teach yourself to enjoy that journey of transversing the unknown, you showed yourself to be afraid of it now train yourself not to be. Why is it we are fearful of the unknown?  The brain likes to be in the know, not the unknown, we have to train it to be the opposite of this.  I had PTSD from a really offensive operation, it took everything from me.  My mind liked this it was something it could get used to, and it became a habit.  I think that the brain wants practices, but we can reprogram it to like the unknowing, the surprises of the what’s yet to come.

I am at a stage now where I crave the surprise, I want to be un-routine, I want to be in the unknown, creating each and everyday into something wonderfully happy, exciting, loving, calming and peaceful.  The excitement of a day full of challenges, new loves, new adventures.  For some that would scare the living daylights out of them, I know because I was once like them.

To be childlike in mind and to find your mystical imagination you find a superpower that you had no idea you had, plus it is the most reliable power in the world.  I learned that to activate this ability all I had to do is be happy. To find that comfortable place, that happy memory and to imagine how it will feel to have my dreams come true.

The excitement you felt when you asked Santa for that one special gift,. The thoughts of what you would be doing with it flashing across your mind. The happiness it will bring to you, the feeling you will have once you get it, and how thankful you know you will be once you do get it. Those are all the secret to getting the dreams you want, not how you will get, or where it will come from, the thought of what if I don’t get it, but just the wonder that it is what you want and how it will make you feel.

The limited imagination is the one that makes you second guess your wish or dream, it is that ugly vile words (maybe) and (reality).   There is no reality but what you want, dream and wish for.  It is the surprise when it comes to you when you least expect it, it is the thrill and adventure of getting there, but having no idea how it will happen.  I love to go on trips where I have no idea what we will be doing, we are there to just go with the flow that day.  I don’t like planning everything out in detail, it takes the fun out of it.  If it is planned, I am always in the present moment watching for the surprises that are still around.

Trust me I have only recently found the present moment in my life, for years I have lived in the past and future.  I am so grateful for finding the book I mention up above.  It has turned my life around in just a few days.  Yet with that said I had to be ready to hear and see what I have been asking and praying for.  I was lost before, I had no ambition to do anything but my daily routine, but I had that feeling that there was more to life but I had no idea how to access it.  I would get up to the regular everyday stuff I do, wishing and dreaming for better, I would acknowledge the feeling, try to be okay with it and yet still not getting where I wanted. I know there is more than this in life, so much more yet I was coming from a thought pattern that I have been following for years, getting depressed and then finding a distraction to keep my mind off the lack I was feeling.  How many of you think this every day?

It’s easy to get out of the present mind when you have no idea what the current thought is.  We are not taught to be in the here, and now, we are prepared to think ahead, do more, look for things to do. How can one live in the present if they are always living in the past or the next moment? You can’t!!

I had to learn that I am no one, I am nothing, I am not what I have been taught.  I am all things.  I have no end, like a funhouse mirror room, when you look into the mirror you see infinite you’s.  You go on and on and on further than you have been told. Energy never stops! So you are everything, you can do and be anything, but you can’t make it happen you have to allow it to happen with intention, love, and joy.  When you get into a modern mindset, you get out of your own way, making room for life to happen for you and around you.

I am still working on staying in the present, when I feel myself falling back into a routine I sit and find quiet in my mind, it can be hard as the mind used to be all over the place.  I sit and listen to the sounds around me,  I see what my dogs, birds or whatever it is that is around me at the moment are doing, I check in with my heart and how I am feeling.  I bring my mind back to my breathing, the dripping of my faucet, back to my breath.  I tune out the world and become everything that is around me.  I can feel my brain slow down, I can feel my consciousness grow, I feel heaviness in my head no pain though.  I can hear better, see better.  When I feel anxiety, I go back to my breath.  That stress is my mind trying to fight to go back to its habit the pattern it has been doing for years.  We have to teach our brains a new normal, a present normal where it feels right not to have distractions, where it feels good not to live in the past or the future.  We taught our brains how to do what they are doing, we can reteach them how to access a new normal.

When you find that you are infinite, you let go of those things that had you limited.  You let go of the petty, the stress, the what, where, how and when.  You allow your creative self to come to the front.   Set your intentions clearly, make a list of them for each journey you are transversing through.   Get that book I recommend, and have fun recreating you, you always wanted but had no idea how to access.  There is no time limitation on life, it is never too late, let today be a beginning.


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