It’s a beautiful day today, the wind is blowing as I watch the clouds come up from the back of the mountain range.  The sky is a rainbow of blues as the mountains this morning are dark blue against the clouds.  I am enjoying my reishi tea while I watch a marathon of Harry Potter.

Life is made for these moments, the moments when you are carefree and can enjoy the little moments that come your way.  Life is about living each moment as if it were a Disney vacation.  Yet we get drawn into the drama of war, medical accidents, death, jobs, endless fights that mean nothing down the road and several misfortunate events that we blow out of proportion for absolutely no reason.  If you stand back from where you are and watch the way you react to your life would you be happy about it?  Would you see yourself acting as you know yourself or is the real you shaking their head not believing in how you are reacting?

I watch as those around me complain about their lives, yet they are the very ones who are making the choices in their lives.  YOU want to stop this or that in your life, then finish it!! You are in control, not your bank account or limited thoughts you were taught.  Want to be healthier than start eating right. I told my husband the other day, stop saying you can’t and start acting as if it has already happened.  Want a new car then change your thought on having a new car, you have a new car you just haven’t gone out and got it. Start to walk and think about what you want and then allow yourself to have it.  If you are setting yourself up for failure, you will fail.  I thank the Universe for all I have and want for later.  I have it all it just isn’t here yet.

We are co-creators, we can create anything we want here on this earth, yes we have limitations, but those are all in our thoughts and beliefs, we can overcome those feelings.  How many people do we see make it out of situations that were beyond our or their belief system?  Yet we see it happen all the time.  Those who are told no, find a way to still make it happen. I remember saying to my kids that they were not to do something and yet they found a way to do it anyway.  I got mad, but I shouldn’t have I should have learned from them!!  I am living proof that you can change your life if I had quit 7 years ago on trying to live I would have died.  I believed and had the drive to live, and that’s what I did, and I did it all naturally no doctors, no surgery nothing from the medical community. just little old me!!

All our wants are already ours, we only have to walk towards what we want.  I am richer today than I was years ago, I have more in my life today than I ever thought I would.  Things do not mean that much to me, I love what is not materialistic, yet I like things as well, it is ok to want these things. I am not a hoarder I love to give away stuff I do not want anymore so I can make room for more to come into my life.

Try this, go into your closet, donate all the clothes you have not worn in a year, really if you haven’t worn something for over a year, your not going to wear it!  I bet that in a couple of weeks you’ll find something you like and will get it.  I have this happen all the time when I get rid of stuff I have other stuff show up, and most of the time it is free or very economically priced.  I keep preaching this over and over, we are not meant to find a place to hold up in or keep things forever, we are here to move and grow.  When you set down roots, you are setting yourself up for trouble.  We are not meant to stay in one place forever.  Life is for living fully.  I love my home, yet in my mind, it is only temporary, it is always changing, and I enjoy it so much more because of this.  Change is right, it is when we become stale that we have problems come up in our lives that make us change. I would rather be the reason for my changes not because the universe had to do something drastic to get me out of my shell. Been there had that happen!!

My thought is this, remember that all you want is and has been there for you!  You have the choice to chose how you want your life to go.  There is always change be willing to be the change.  Life is about setting yourself up to win not fail.  Be thankful for all that you have and all that is to come.  Enjoy the little things, stop running around trying to find distractions and drama.  Let go of those who are not willing or do not want to be in your life, even if those are the ones you brought into this world.

My world today will be enjoying the wind, the clouds, good food, and my Harry Potter movies.

When you understand why something really hurts, it stops beating you up.
When you understand you have options, you take action.
And when you get that no one can ever stop you from loving more, you feel the love you had earlier denied.
It’s time to get it on,

Dear Ones, you are so loved.

The Universe  {By: A Note from the Universe}



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