Lyme disease, freedom of choice and herbs

I am not one to want to take any kind of medication.  I believe that we run for medicine way to fast and we take way to much.  I feel pain is the bodies way of telling us we have something going on that needs our attention.  When we run to the doctor or go and get OTC from our pharmacist, we are not taking advantage of a wonderful way our body is trying to speak to us.

I struggle with Lyme Disease, I was not appropriately diagnosed when I first contracted it at the age of 16.  I have been misdiagnosed for over 34 years.  I have been to numerous doctors who are not taught how to recognize Lyme Disease and trust a blood test that is about 99.9 percent wrong.   If you come in on the 1%, you will be mistreated with antibiotics that do not kill Lyme. Those who confess that antibiotics did help are misinformed and should reread the lab results, the truth of the matter is that their bodies were how they got well. They think it was from the antibiotics, but in reality, it was your own marvelous body that understood you well.   Why am I so sure of this, I feel this way after many exhausting hours of research.  That being said I am open to hearing and researching this more.

I have been really sick this week, I am suffering from severe hip pain as well as lower and upper back pain. I feel like I have MS, I can hardly stand or walk.  My limbs feel like they are full of lead and I can barely get my feet and legs to move without concentrating on what I am doing.  I rested for a couple of days with a heating pad and my natural herbal blend containing Kava kava, Hops, Damian, Sceletium, Mucuna Pruiens, Tribulus, Blue Lotus Valerian, Calamus, Horny goat weed, hypericum.  You can find this blend at Kona Kava farms.    I always take my CBD Oil from RNA results, as well as a topical made with essential orange oil.  I found those were not helping me with my pain like I needed them to.  I woke up this morning depressed as well as crying, I walked around mumbling at the world as I tried to make me and my pups breakfast, in more pain.  I had tried meditation and was using energy healing, but I saw no improvement.  I knew I needed to add something more to help me.  I was walking around in my garage crying as I prayed for some kind of insight.

I remembered that we have a wild plant that grows in my backyard called wild lettuce.  I didn’t get any harvested this year to make a tonic, so I had ordered some for my husband through an organic farm I trust and have used their products many times before.  It has Kava kava and wild lettuce in it.  I was in so much pain I thought what the heck I’ll try a dose.  I know my husband said it tasted bitter, so I pour 30 drops in a little bit of organic grape Juice.  It calls for 80 drops, but I like to start out with a smaller dose and then work up to a full dose.  I am incredibly lucky that I am susceptible to herbal remedies.  I love that!!  I took my shot glass full of juice and 30 drops of this blend with my breakfast.   I am incredibly lucky that I am susceptible to herbal remedies.  I love that!!  I took my shot glass full of juice and 30 drops of this blend with my breakfast.  Unless it says to take on an empty tummy make sure you have at least a piece of sprouted organic toast or something on your stomach.

My pain in my upper and lower back, stopped, and the pain in my hips has become more of a dull ache instead of being sharp and constant.  I feel much better in my mind as well.   Chronic pain can cause you some serious issues, if not controlled pain can cause you to become suicidal, depressed, anxiety, fatigue, brain damage, high blood pressure and angry.

This is also what I have found out, no one can do the research for you. They can tell you about these herbs, but you need to teach yourself about them.  I find that there are so many articles that are full of false information when it comes to telling people that these herbs can cause issues.  I feel that the FDA makes these people put out there this incorrect information.  Anything misused can cause problems.  But the biggest lie is that pharmaceuticals are healthy and right for you.  The side effects versus the side effects of medicine, there are vast differences.  If your body has already been damaged by pharmaceuticals, than anything you eat or put into it will cause more harm.   Yet no one wants to see this.

It angers me at how folks who do a write up on herbs will put side effects but fail to say that it only happens with large doses.  When I say large doses I mean gallons of herbs to tsp to pharmaceuticals.  A body that is already compromised by vaccinations, GMO foods, pesticides and filthy water will have a die off reaction when consuming herbs.  So that is why you start off by using fresh whole organic foods, grass-fed beef, chicken and pork, no antibiotics!!  You drink clean filtered water, make sure you get off your pharmaceuticals slowly then after you are off your meds you can then start to add herbals.  I lose clients when I tell them that they have to get off their meds.  They fear that if they do they will become sicker.  NOT one realizes that if they looked at the side effects of their meds, they would see that the meds are causing them more harm.

Not all herbs are equal, big chain stores do not have useful quality herbs.  Your vitamins have synthetic ingredients if your herbs and vitamins are under 5 dollars you are getting nothing but artificial fillers.  You need to find organic whole food supplements.   You need to find herbs that are NON-GMO. I hear, but overall food and supplements are so expensive, well yeah but it cost twice as much to go to your doctor and get a prescription.  I have a 10,000 dollar deductible, and I pay over 400 dollars a month for that crappy insurance.  If I could drop my coverage, I would go in a heartbeat.  The only thing insurance is good for is if you get into an accident.  

The more I am awakening to the horrors of what the government is doing to us, the more I want to write and share.  There are doctors who are losing their licenses because they will not follow the government’s idea on how to take care of the masses.  I took pain pills, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, you name it if it was advertised I was asking for it.  I thought our modern medicine was a gift, we are all taught that these people with pieces of paper and  white coats are nearly gods,  but after years and years of the medicines messing up my body, my mind and my spirit, finding doctors who didn’t care to help the human plight, I hit rock bottom and had to crawl my way back to being healthy.  It wasn’t and isn’t easy.  It is a constant have to watch what you eat, what you drink as well as continually repairing issues from my past side effects. I would have been so much better off if my mom had known about not vaccinating me, hydrosol silver, cbd oil from the cannabis plant, and fresh whole grass-fed meats, no vegetables oils or cereals.  I wouldn’t have had to suffer for 34 years.

I am grateful that I found holistic ways to help my body heal, but it takes a long time to recover from all the modern medicine I have received. I have had to forget the misled bogus information that there is a one day one cure pill out there.  There isn’t  if you are lucky enough to get out of the herd and can grasp the concept that there is no such miracle out there, then you have a chance of survival.  We have all these dooms dayers out there that are stocking up on, bullets, shity GMO filled dry meals and water that will become rancid and toxic due to their storage containers.  But it is not a war that they have to worry about it is the fact that the government is killing us with massive amounts of metal filled vaccines, crippling cancer protocols, crap for food and bullshit lies!!

The government is working for us!!  WE DO NOT WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT>  WE are so stupid because we think that we need them to tell us what we need!!  If we were allowed the freedom<——– LOOK AT THAT WORD!!!

The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
“We do have freedom of choice.”
  • The absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.
The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
“We do have freedom of choice.”
  • The absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.
The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
“We do have freedom of choice.”
  • the absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

If we don’t wake up, we will find that our little tiny bit of freedom we are allowed will be replaced with no freedom.  Your children will be held prisoners for vaccinations, and you will not have any right to say what you want.  Keep drinking the kool-aid keep believing in the bullshit lies they are feeding you.  And when you look away from what they are doing you can pretty much guarantee yourself another loss and them another victory.

I am not a radical person, nor am I a tree hugging, weed smoking hellion.   I am a brilliant, soft-spoken, sister, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother who has been awakened to a horror that I put myself into because of my lack of knowledge.  I am crawling out of a  drug-induced, lifestyle that has caused me harm.  I am finding health and healing from Holistic remedies.  I am seeing that I do not want to lose my choices in how I treat myself as well as my children or grandchildren.  I am saddened that we are losing our babies and pets to cancers that we did not have 20 years ago.  I am saddened that there are so many out there that do not see that pharmaceuticals are killing billions of people every year.


So today I am so grateful for being able to write and sit comfortably without severe pain or horrible side effects.  I am happy that I have a medicine cabinet full of organic plants, tinctures, and powders to choose from. I am grateful for the men and women who have fought for mine and their freedom only to have found out they have been poisoned by vaccines and thrown away by our government.  I can take these beautiful God-given healing remedies and know that I am not poisoning myself.  I can sit here and relax and feel the warm glow of no pain.

I may even be able to get up and clean the house today.    WEll, I may pass on the house cleaning one more day, I really would like to enjoy the time to just sit and write while not in pain today.   I have that choice! This article may have started out about Lyme disease severe effects, but I think that you may have learned much much more.

May you awaken to the freedom to chose a pain-free, non-side effect day.


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