Stand up for the truth!!

I’ve been watching the truth about cancer live from Orlando Fla this weekend.  I know that the killing that happened in Las Vegas has me broken hearted and wondering why, how can someone be so vile and have been so disconnected with his own life as well as others I wonder? We see the headlines as the disconnect of human compassion happens all over the United States.  The sympathy was there for a Millisecond then it went into the debate of gun control, the horrors of the government and then the fighting among ourselves.  The videos of the shooting the carnage of the whole thing on facebook.

Yet those who are there in the hospital are not thinking about gun control or the government’s lack of compassion.  They feel the pain of their injuries, both mentally and physically.  Oh and don’t forget spiritually.  I know I was wondering where the heck is the divine when we need it. We the people are the divine that we pray for, though we still look to outside forces to come to the rescue.  Over forty thousand women will die from breast cancer, and they will not be dying from cancer they will be disappearing from the complications.

Then we have to worry about the cost of trying to get well, thousands of dollars because of the lack of compassion our healthcare has been set up to be.  Ten thousand dollars in co-pays to make before insurance starts coverage.  The long road to healing, with the complications from pharmaceuticals, nasty Gmo filled food and poisons water supplies.  My God, would you really want to even get well?  The struggle you are facing is beyond what is acceptable!!

Yeah, this blog is kinda angry, yet it needs to be said!!  For so long we have been suppressed in our thoughts as well as our voice.  I am so sick and tired of everyone bringing up the wrongs of this world, but yet we are not coming up with any solutions.  The media is the worst.  They thrive on bringing up problems, but not one of them is willing to bring up a resolution!! Our world is sick, and we are all dying because of it.  We are killing our kids.  I thought that I would be the first to go back home, yet because of what we are allowing to happen in our world we might not outlive our grandkids.  DOES ANYONE CARE??  Or am I just one of those people who is saying these things and everyone is walking by so they can get to their next GMO filled cup of coffee.

I watched the truth about cancer this weekend.  How horrifically informational that was.  I am so glad these naturalists are doing this, yet the ones who need to be sitting in these rooms are not there.  Every person who sells pharmaceuticals, FDA, CDC, Big Pharma that are all about Obama care need to have their fat noncaring money hungry asses put in these chairs.  They need to watch what they are doing to man and animal.  Oh but they do know what they are doing yet there are those young doctors that have no clue what they are doing to their patients, and they could care less about it.  They love that big fat check they are getting and they know how to stay away from the chemically induced death they have created.  The new doctors out there that come from medical colleges are very misinformed and taught these evil acts.

I feel that once we leave this earthly body, we have to live with and feel intensely that which we did to others.  I know there are books and people who say that we do not have any fears or worries on the other side.  But I think of it like this.  On the other hand, we have no distractions, we are beings that feel every little thing immensely, we are love.  When we kill or hurt people in the name of money and greed, we will live with that feeling for eternity.  We see those people whom we executed, we feel the heartbreak of their loved ones until we reincarnated.  I believe that karma is having to come back and live lovingly.  I am not saying we sit up there in hell but that we will hear the cries of those we hurt, ignored and did wrong.  This is my feeling, we all have our own thoughts on what will happen to us when we do unloving acts on one another.

Dr. Darrell Wolf said it so well the other day, we can heal ourselves with love, we have to remember what that love was though. He explained it this way, when a baby is born we are so attracted and feel so much love for that baby.  We love to hold them, we can feel the love that beams from these little bundle of desires, we love the smell we can not get enough of the feeling of them.  Why< They are from the other side, they are from our home, and we can feel that love, and it feels so right! We remember that feeling when we hold that new little being close to us.  But when those small gifts from home become tainted from the limited fear-based thoughts that we inflicted on them.  We are allowing our government to over vaccinate them, we are afraid to stand up for those blessings from above, we are allowing the government to dictate what we need to do with our children instead of us telling them what they need to do for our kids.   What do we do when we have all but destroyed them, we cast them out of our lives and forget how special they were.  I had this happen to me as a child,  then go out into the world looking for that love I once was shown, trying to find what is really still inside of me.

We are allowing and condoning the horrors of the world, we are suppressed in not saying what we truly want to say.   We have become victims in this world, and we are suffering from this.  It is time we stand up and take back our power that is this life! We need to tell our doctors no we are not guinea pigs, no to the government that is allowing big pharma to hurt us as well as our children.  It is time to recognize your voice to come through the dark and scream that we will not eat GMO foods, foods that are filled with fillers, antibiotics, nasty bleached flours and sugars and non-nutritional foods.  No more will we keep quiet and allow our lives to be ruled by just a few who care nothing for us.  I am not a number I am not a dollar sign.

I have found that energy is significant as well.  If our power is living a lie, we can feel that. I am being poisoned by the very electronics that make life easier.   I can sense a person who doesn’t live truthfully through their energy.  Our kids can tell when we are not living an honest life as well.  They can detect your strengths and know if you are a trustworthy person or not, yet we teach our kids nothing about reading energies. Energies can heal us as well.  We need all these different parts of our natural self.  Powers come from food, water, emotions, animals, other fellow humans, as well as nature.  We are missing the colors of life, we are losing the power of healing with energies.  We are missing out because we have become so is-lined within our selfs our world, our spirituality.

We are not medicined deficient, we do not need medicine to be better, we can cure cancer without medication, life is holistic, not medical.  It is time to be fearless, it is time to teach that we are powerful, there are so many more of us than the evil, ugly people out there.   It is time to help our children to know that they have a voice, that they need to trust their intuition.  We need to teach our kids that they can believe in US!!  We can show our children how to make this life better, we stand up and show them they have a voice, we need to listen to them.  How do we do this, we re-educate ourselves. You change by changing yourself first!!

If I allowed myself to dwell on my mother being a science experiment at home for Alzheimer patients, I could literally be crying in minutes.  I can not save the world, I can learn and share what I learn with others.  It’s the only thing that keeps my sanity intact.  I have come through things that have killed others, why did I survive and not them.  I may never know that answer, and I really do not want to know.  It is time to stand up and Say NO, and take back our power.  It is time to share the news, to forget the bullshit we were taught.   Doctor’s do not know it all, and they are suppose to work with and for us.  Fire those who do not want to help you be the best you can be, get rid of those in government that do not want to work for the betterment of the people.  There are more of us than them, and I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

As Robert Scott Bell puts it so well… YOU DO HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL!!

WWYHS ( what would your heart say)

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