Same thing, not this time

So there are those in our lives that seem to be destined to repeat the same things over and over.  I feel bad for them.  I wonder if it is because they have a vitamin deficiency or too many toxins in the body.  It is hard not to want to help them but after being pushed away so many times, I think it is best to allow them the struggle of finding their own way.

I believe that we had planned curtain obstacles in our life before we were born.  I believe we sat down with our spirit guides, and angels and planned what we wanted to learn once we came here to earth.  We knew who would be our siblings, our lovers, friends, parent the whole 9 yards.  It is easier to me to think that there is a reason for all the life lessons I have had than to think I am just wondering around blindly going through all that I am.

I feel like when we repeat the same feelings, same situations as well as not allowing ourselves to say we are wrong keeps us in the same lesson for much longer than we need.  I think the best feeling in the world is when you are free to make mistakes. Think about this, it really only affects no one but ourselves. When I find that I have made a mistake it is so cool to say so!!  Once you get it out of your mind that you have to be always right you free your world up for so much more.  Plus is it really all that great to be right all the time, nah not to me?

It’s so important to let go of those things that do not directly affect us.  When we find that there is something outside of our present world that is affecting us, that is when we need to let it go and come back to our present situation.  I do not watch the news, there is nothing on the news that I need to watch unless it has to do with my weather.  I can find that on my phone though.  I do read and keep up on medical studies when it comes to natural healing.  I let go of those who are drama kings and queens.  It isn’t that I do not care I just do not care to hear about situations over and over that’s when I see these people do not want to change within themselves.

I am happier when I allow others to transverse through their own life paths, in other words when I mind my own business I am happier.

Through these 100 days, I have made some great discoveries, I am happier and I find that my health is getting better as well.  The biggest obstacles are now my most treasured lessons. I mind my own as well as take care of me first and foremost.  This life is about me, I came here to learn and be.

I will leave with this thought, From my favorite source A Note From the Universe.

To empower another, it to empower yourself.

To celebrate another is to celebrate yourself.

And to free another is to free yourself.

I say empower, celebrate, and free them all- The Universe

P.S. See the Trend? Whatever you give you get.




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