Trimming the Fat

I have heard this expression a couple of times this week, I have been meditating on it as well.  What does it mean to trim the fat? My take on this is to trim out those things, people, and actions in life that are not helping to better or make a difference in your life.

I am trimming the fat on what I want to accept as desirable actions.  If it is not an action I want in my life than it is time to change the way I deal with that circumstance.  I do not allow others drama to entice or draw me into that scene.  I walk away or meditate till that feeling to say something goes away.  Smile.  OR… I mean the first thing to come to my mind.  I know that first thought is the real authentic me,  I know that feeling is from the heart as well.

As I find myself leaving the matrix of the world, I see the disconnect in the human being.  There is no compassion as well as there is no goodwill towards our fellow human.  There is a selfishness that has come upon the people of the land where they can only see what is in front of them like blinders on a horse.  They do not ask the questions like how would this make me feel or how would I like to be treated in this situation.  My heart breaks when I hear a human being say well if they will not do for me then I will not do for them.  How sad is that?

The other day I had posted a youtube video to my FB account, without researching this person put up under the comments that my video was false.  The resource he provided was incorrect yet he had not checked it out.  There is a disconnect between people nowadays where when they hear something that questions their beliefs they try and shut it down instead of learning and growing with it.  I love to learn, and anyone who brings something up that is different than my belief I like to look up the information and find my own truth.  There have been times I was wrong, and if I had not looked into it, I would have kept that mistaken belief.

I have found that there is never a time you know it all and that it is a beautiful thing to be wrong sometimes.  I am a teacher but I know I can learn from the student.  I am learning all the time, and I don’t ever want to stop.  I feel that if we can stay yelling about or limited beliefs, we can help our world.

Trimming off the fat can be people in your life.  There comes a time when we get tired of feeling we have to walk around softly or quietly for fear we may piss them off.  I have found strength in pissing people off.  If that is their reaction, then that is their reaction.  I can not go through life worried I will piss them off.  The fear that my mother and father instilled in me had me worried about the very way I was.  I was told to be seen not heard, no one wants to be unheard.  It is ok to say something thus keeping yourself from becoming angry and resentful.  Once you get the resentful faze you do stupid things, why not allow your voice to speak up then releasing those negative thoughts and energies. It is so freeing to be able to talk without limits, it is thus freeing to tell someone that what they are doing is really cool or stupid. smile

I love when I have someone around who is honest to a fault, I know where I stand with them.  I hate that people will ignore or brush by a subject that they do not want to deal with. To me that makes me distrust you.   I would rather have you be open and honest than to pretend that it was never spoken about.   So how do you trim the fat with people who act this way? I think it is best to kill them with kindness.

Why get angry and resentful? Life is too short to worry about such stupid things.  How about this if it bothers you that they are not saying anything let them know it is bothering you.

I have found that you can not hold onto the old and try and get to the present.  The former you was just that the old you.  You have great memories, but they are just that, memories.  Sometimes this can cause us not to grow.  New possibilities cannot come in when we are holding on to old thoughts, old feelings.  How do you trim the fat on this?  It is so hard at times to let go of the past while still holding onto the past.  Try holding onto your car door, now try walking away while still holding on, You can’t-do it.  No one wants to give up on old thoughts that felt good, we want to carry them on forever, but when they start to affect our progress for change, then they become a problem.

When we stay in a relationship that we see is not growing it helps us stay in a small place, but when we are staying in a relationship because we see growth and we are doing the things we want that is where we need to be.  Sometimes we keep an old friend because it keeps us in a small safe place. When we allow them to go, that is when we will see more significant changes and more growth happens.  20170923_122348

Change comes from within not from the outside.  Want to make your life different, speak up, change how you handle life and love every moment.


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