A world without Cancer?

Has anyone else seen that there isn’t a day you don’t hear about someone having cancer?  I don’t watch TV, and I rarely see Facebook, but when I do go on, I see another Doctor coming forward and telling the nation that Chemo and Radiation do NOT work on Cancer.  In fact, the only thing Chemo and radiation does is to make the patient sicker and the die from the complications these drugs cause.  Yet we as a nation will watch El Stupid the President say he is going to bomb North Korea.  How dumb are we??

Our family, friends, and pets are being given cancer so that big pharma can make money.  Anyone want to get off the old hamster Wheel yet??  Did you know that Selenium can eradicate cancer cells in the prostate and the breast?  If everyone was to take a therapeutic dose of 200mcg of selenium a day, we could eliminate those cancers? Do you care?!

Did you know that most of us have blood markers that show we are antibiotic resistant? You are screwed if you become sick with a bacterial infection, most of us will not get better, and the big pharma knows this but doesn’t want you to know it!   Did you know that colloidal silver will kill any bacterial infection as well as viral and it will not kill off the good bacteria in the body??  Do you know the blue man was a scam, google it!

If you have your head in the sand of the big pharma than, no you don’t have a clue.  I am so angry today at my sister in law.  She was told that medical intervention in her care of stage three lung cancer needed to be radiation.  I told her about the great things we see with THC and CBD.  She started on the 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD saw instant results yet peer pressure from the doctors and her husband had her go in and start radiation.  WHY?? 

Why are we afraid to think outside the box, why do we refuse to see what stares at us in the face?  Why in the great Lord’s name do we believe that men and women who wear a white coat know more than we do? I know that it is scary to ask the question when we were taught that we had to trust in what they say.  Yet the only thing I received from any doctor I have seen was more pain and suffering.  They have been taught to treat for money, not for the good of the people.   The oath they resited about do no more harm was just a distraction to them, it meant nothing to them.  You as a patient have become a monkey in a cage, you are there to help them make you sicker.  Did you know that most doctors would be out of a job if they were not able to prescribe you medicines?

Don’t get me wrong we do need people to put us back together after we break a bone, or we are in a massive accident, but we do not need to be running to them for every little ache and pain. I do not need a prescription for anything, I am not deficient in prescription meds. I am deficient in right whole foods that are not raised on antibiotics, filled with fillers, packed with sugars, have no nutrients because the soil is lacking in nutrients, I do not need GMO foods that look pretty but are devoid of vitamins, minerals, and substance.  We need the government out of our LIVES!!  We need big pharma out of our healthcare!  We need to get out heads out of the butts of the nations assholes, and we need to learn how to take care of our selves.

I can’t stand that we are even sharing what the government is doing, we need to share, how to make good food choices, what whole food supplements we can take till we get our ground fertile once more.  Want to know how to fertilize the soil, grow HEMP!!!  Want to get nutrients back into our loaves of bread, stop milling it in sterile warehouses.  Start Grinding our wheat on a rock again.  Stop the government from growing GMO wheat and corn!! Don’t buy their shit, look for other sources of organic foods, you don’t have to eat fast food, stop drinking sodas made with artificial flavors and sugars.  SAY NO by not buying the garbage!!

Stop blaming and complaining, start educating yourselves, stop sharing complaints about what the government is doing with our healthcare on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media.  Stop putting what you hate and start sharing what you love. Want to help your loved ones, share what can help them, help them learn how to take care of themselves without a doctors input.  Need advice see a shaman or a Holistic Health Practitioner.  Want to change your life, stop listening to big pharma The fear death administration (FDA).  Stop thinking that the body needs help from medicines to fight off, polio, measles, chickenpox.  If we feed the right body things, give it the minerals and vitamins it needs it will eradicate all illnesses.

The only reason we saw so many illnesses in our past history was that we were filthy.  We poured our fecal matter in the streets, we didn’t have a bath like we do now, we didn’t realize that we were our worst enemy when it came to cleanliness.  LOOK to our American Indian brothers, the indigenous people.  They didn’t have the white man diseases we gave them our diseases.  They knew how to keep their bodies healthy with plants, herbs, and minerals as medicines.  It is time to get back to our roots. In the 1930’s doctors used echinacea, silver, elderberry and other herbal remedies.  They begged the government not to demonize cannabis!!  The party went ahead and patient the plant as medicinal and then demonized it to the public.  They knew they had a factory that would change how we treat cancer, but there was no money to make on well people.

I am angry and sad that my sister in law has gone to the side of fear-based limited thought and beliefs.  I feel sorry that she is the delusional idea that the doctors are there to help. If you are giving anyone something that can cause more problems like a side effect, causing harm to the body and has no reliable documentation of helping the body heal.  YOU ARE NOT HELPING!! YOU ARE HURTING PEOPLE FOR PROFIT!

I am not saying this to anger you, I am sharing what I have found out by the hell that the medical community did to me and that I have witnessed them do to others.   It has to stop, the limited fear-based beliefs that modern medicine is the end all to end all.  It isn’t it is so messed up, and millions are dying because of it.  Ok so some of you would say, but hey our earth would be too crowded, you may be saying it is already, the survival of the fittest.  First off your a limited thinking distracted ugly person for thinking that, but here is the real reality.  !

Those who are being kept alive with drugs, those that are in a coma, those who should have never made it are all being kept alive with medications with terrible side effects, surgeries that are causing more problems, with machines that are meant to keep them alive.  Why would you want a loved one to suffer by placing them on devices for years, why would you want to drug someone so severely and watch them suffer for years with horrible side effects, to keep them alive?  What life are they receiving?  I would never do that to an animal yet we are doing unspeakably horrific things to people everyday!! We are not meant to live forever!!! There are reasons for different kinds of natural deaths.  We have taken the natural out of DEATH!!

There are very few that are dying from natural circumstances. Millions are dying from medical complications.  I don’t know about you, but I do not want to die a horrible, painful death due to pharmaceuticals.

I would love to have this article shared, I would love to know that I reached just one person and helped them transform to the natural side of life.  I would love to see big pharma go down and all of us on this planet go back to natural products, whole organic foods, as well as live more at the moment.  I am so sorry that my sister in law will not know if that beautiful cannabis plant could have helped her.  I am so sorry she let the fear of limited thoughts and beliefs overcome her heart.  I pray she will survive the medical complications she will find herself in here shortly.

I lost a dear little delight this year, her name was Sasha, she was the best dog to come into my life.  I only had her for ten months.  But she gave me a treasure I shall always keep close to my heart.  She gave me the courage to trust in my heart!  She gave me the gift to believe in my path as a naturalist, a holistic teacher.  She saved another pup of mine because I didn’t trust the vet and followed my heart with natural remedies.  I would have lost my Tinkerbell if I had allowed my fear-based limited thoughts and had developed the vet’s treatment protocol.

I know it is scary to get sick, it is scary because we are taught we have no control, yet you do have the power to heal.

Trust in your heart.

WWYHS ( What would your heart say)


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