Making life harder than it is…

I have really had an eye-opener this week hence that title.  I make life so much harder than it has to be and I am fighting tooth and nail to get myself to STOP IT!!

It’s really not that hard right?  Yeah well, that is what I am finding out after making everything so dang hard!! Life is about choices… I have had to choose the right to have an opportunity though.  So many false, limited thoughts seem to get in the way.  I feel though that this week I am finally getting it.

Life is not meant to be complicated or hard.  Life is to live fully as you allow life to flow through and around you.  Life is Life, and no matter what you think it should be like, it is ever flowing moving.  I have had my moments where I fight against the flow, the swirls the ups and downs, many times I felt like life would drown me.  I make things harder than it is meant to be.  I found this week that when we fight the flow that is life, we get sick, tired or overwhelmed.  The universe has a way of reminding us over and over that we need to allow and let go, no matter what it is.

Love flows with life, it ebbs, it wavers, it floods, it is.  We think that there is a rule for love and life, but I have found that I was wrong on that as well.  I fight to find the reasons for all that happens, and there are no reasons, there is just being and living as you move with the waves of life.  I can not make things the way I want anyway, I can only enjoy being engulfed in the energies of life as they swirl around me like fall leaves in the wind.  I can breathe and watch as this world becomes what it will, where people will go no matter what I may think.  I am tired of trying to find a reason why I have to be the way that I am. I don’t want to be right I just want to be.  When you stop, all the world rushes by you, you find that you become slow in motions, life gets more colorful, the breeze carries scents that rush in making you remember the delights in your world. Songs that remind you of beautiful times play more.  You find that it is ok to remember and be with those thoughts.    Life is only one small micro part of what we indeed are.  Death is a falsified fear-based belief.  We live even when we leave this body.  Our energy moving like the winds of the earth, we become the beauty that is us, the memories that we made.

I found this week that I can allow love to flow like the river, it cuts through the limited thoughts we are taught, it seeps through the cracks of a doubt.  When I allow myself to give up on the false beliefs I have been informed, I find that the memories of love and happiness fill in those places.  I haven’t lost anything but the fear of limited thoughts.  When you finally can see that no matter what you do is not judge by an upper power. Those who hurt others by ill intentions will have to come back and redo this world over and over again until they see that they are here to be more of an observer as well as a teacher of living in the flow that we call life.

I have let go of the thoughts that I have been taught that are limiting, controlling, as well as false, there is no upper power that is judging me, all I have to be is in the now living this life the best and most loving way I can.  I can love and be loved by all that there is.  I am not here to be limited but I am to become limitless.  Life goes on and we have a choice to chose how we want to live it.  NO one has that control over us unless we want to give that power.   I have found there is no right or wrong, there is just being.  It is freeing and liberating, to let go of the false teaching, the fear-based thought, to know that there is nothing holding you back but yourself.

I am so much more than I was taught, I am finding through trial and error, tears and laughter that the only thing you should hold onto is those feelings that make you happy.  To live life by doing those things that make you happy.  I am letting go of those feelings that make me sad or make me feel repressed.  I am doing what makes me feel happy, for those feelings and thoughts are from your heart.  I have learned this week that my heart will never steer me wrong.  I found that my mind will make a mess every time. smile

My wish is that this world of spirit STOPS finding ways to be so hard, finding ways to be choiceless, finding ways to be distracted. The ones who don’t want to think and feel when it comes to everything we are taught in this world,  or just writing off the importance of being in the flow of life.  I was one of those that thought that I could find the meaning of life in a book, the internet or by working myself into feeling nothing.  I woke up and cried as I realized that all I have ever wanted, the happiness I have felt was by my choices no by any belief that I was taught.  I broke free from the dogma of the limited, fear-based thoughts we are fed.

When I came out of this coma, of the conformed dimension of life, I woke to horror, fear, overwhelming emotions that I had no idea how to face.  I was awakened to have to meet all the feelings I had forgotten or shoved away.  I was so overwhelmed that I went into panic attacks, depression, anger, resentment, frustration, sadness, failing health, fear, thank goodness the emotions are changing I have hope, love, happiness, joy, reassurance, fight, choice, peace as well as energies of a perfect mystical quality.  I never would have thought that I was so deep in the matrix of the lost and clueless, those who have been dummied down and taught to watch the news, or negativities of social media.  I feel like I escaped a reality of horrors that seemed to never get better.

I sit outside or stand there listening to the buzzing bee’s, the bird’s songs, the wind as it blows through the cedar trees, I feel the warmth of the sun on my face, the water as it runs over smooth stones, the crisp feeling of it as it washes my feet.  I feel the colors of the grasses and flowers, I am one with them.  Some would call me a hippie, and I am okay with that, I call them the kool-aid drinkers.  Do I look down at them, no I feel sorry for them as they are still connected to the matrix of limited fear-based thoughts?  They know no better.  How can I hate those who I was once a part of?

This world is changing, there are those who are getting the word out there, those teachers the same as I was, the same as those who are still in the system were.  They show love and support not hate as we see the masses of confusion do, as they cry their war cries or stand in protest.  No these teachers are those who follow their hearts, sharing their pain, their trials, their profound discoveries.  These are the teachers that will change the world, and it will be sooner than later.

It wasn’t hard to wake up, but it sure was hard to understand that everything you once thought the truth was not the truth anymore.  I am so excited that I have awakened even though it was so scary so raw so emotional. There are those who will wake up and want to go back to their limited beliefs, yet they will not be able to find solace there anymore, I think that is where suicide comes in to play.  I felt that pull to end my life, how could I not.  I felt as if I had found a secret door, steps through and watched as the thoughts that were my reality die.  I saw myself standing there alone, no more friends no more mom or dad not the way I had known them.  I was facing just me and myself, I had to accept that the only love, the single care I was going to get would have to come from me and myself.  It was the loneliest feeling I have ever had, I curled up in a ball and cried as I mourned the old me that I once was I was devastated as I watch the past me die.

So why am I even saying these things? Why would anyone want to go through that kind of pain?

Because you find the real you, you shed that old skin of limited thoughts, beliefs and become free.  The pain you deal with every day, the doubts you face every day, that question… is this all there is to life?  I found that my pain started to fade away, the uncertainties of am I doing right went away, I found that experience was so much more.  YES YES, there is so far more in this life than you could ever have imagined.  Yes, there is a beauty after the pain.  You find the real you, you find the freedom you always wanted, you care more than you ever thought possible, you do more, achieve more and enjoy more.  I see the falsehoods, I know the limited thoughts, beliefs, I look at the horrors that are fed to people day in and day out.  I know! I am seeing that I have had to allow those around me to have their pain, their awakening, I even found that I have to let them go.  Love flows in where those old thoughts die. Life envelopes you as you see that the world is full of more peace, love, and goodness.

It is worth it…you can do this… here I will help you.


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