A new DAY

I have come through a deep hurt, oh I am still hurting from my loss, I am just on the other side of this and healing more.  I am finding out it is ok to stay there in that sorrow and learn from it.  It hurts like hell, but I am better for it.  I am learning so much from being there with this pain.  If  I stop and look at what there is to learn and not get inside my head or feel like what is happening is a waste of time, I am depriving myself of something awesome.

My little Sasha is gone, yes there were circumstances that happened that caused her to pass from here to the other side.  But she taught me so much more than I realized after I allowed the pain to wash over me I see those blessings.  I work with herbs, I use Silver for infections and colds, yet I have always still had this limited thought that these natural medicines might not work.  Every day I see negativity surround these things I have studied for years.  I know in my heart they are the best remedies for the human as well as animal health.  I know in my heart, yet my fear-based thoughts come in and have me doubting what my heart knows.

I would start out in my heart, trying all that I knew could help this little dog, but then when I didn’t see results right away or even if I did see the results, I would stop the herbs and then run for modern medical practices. I kid you not every time I went with current medicine I saw her get sicker.  Or I wouldn’t use anything but fresh whole foods and clean water, and she was still having issues.  I wore myself out over 11 months trying to fight the diseases she had.  It would have helped if I had known that she was much older, was sick for a long time and I was behind the proverbial 8 ball.

Here is where the lesson comes in, I wasn’t meant to save her, I was being taught how to connect with my heart and trust my instincts.  I was being taught that I needed to trust me.  She was here for me to love and keep safe and warm till she moved on.  I had rescued her from a kennel that would have been her deathbed.  Instead, I gave her a family, love, shelter, and friendship.  She gave me so much more!! My little Sasha gave me the gift of my talents back.  She helped me understand that I was to trust in my heart not my head or the limited thoughts I had on my craft.

As life would have it, my oldest dog was acting like she wasn’t doing well, so I took her to the vet and found that she needs to have her teeth cleaned.  The deep down and get in there kind of cleaning.  One tooth was pulled that day, and they gave me an antibiotic.  I know that we have issues with antibiotic resistance and it is happening with our animals as well.  I started to provide her with the antimicrobial, but she got to acting sicker and weaker.  I had enough of the doubts that had been plaguing me, so I started her on hydrosol silver.  In only a matter of moments, she began to act better.  The pain she was feeling was ebbing away, she began to rest.  I got her to eat and then gave her another dose before bed.

I have witnessed the miracle that silver has done for my family and me. I see the benefits of herbs every day.  I still have doubters in my own family who have seen herbs work, but I can’t blame them, I have my doubts as well at times.  I suffer from LFBB (Limited fear-based beliefs) I was taught like everyone else that our medical community is godlike and makes no mistakes.  It is sad that the government would instead back up the Fear Death Administration <—- (I got this saying from Robert Scott Bell) then to look back to what work thousands of years ago.  AND YES these herbal remedies work, it was just again then we had no idea how our filth and poor sanitation practices caused so many diseases that then caused hundreds of deaths.  Like guinea pigs, we are fed prescriptions that cause more harm than good.

I am now using the silver to help get the tartar off my dog’s teeth as well.  I have two weeks to see if this will help her, and I am hoping that it will also show another vet that all natural cures do work and are better for our pets.  I will keep you up to date on what I find out.  My Dear Little Sasha even though she was only in my life for a short time, the courage and the determination she showed me, has helped to renew my life journey.  I am here to help teach others what Indigenous people knew.  They knew how to cure diseases, how to keep themselves from becoming sick.  We have been taught how to rely on a very messed up medical community that has forgotten their golden rule, DO NO MORE HARM...

I know that I will not question my heart again, I know that I can trust my heart.  I will challenge my mind, for I know it is full of limited fear-based thoughts and I want to allow them to go on.  There is a reason for all that we have to transpire in our lives, it is up to me to stop, be quiet and allow the message to come up.

I have faced a lot of guilt as well as ah-ha moments since this little dog passed.  I can see now what I chose not to notice.  I had a choice to decided not to know that she was older than I was told, I chose not to see that she was sicker than I thought.  I doubted my teachings that I found through my heart because of Fear based limited beliefs.  I have had to face the darker side of me, and I had a hard time meeting those thoughts. I found myself cleaning the house and staying as busy as I could.   It would have been easy to see distractions and not look into that deep dark hole of sadness.  I am delighted that I faced my darker side, for the gift I have received will be a victory in saving my other dog, as well as helping me trust in my heart more.

It is a new day today, I have allowed the thoughts and actions from yesterday to stay there, I have bought from those days the lessons I needed. I am not looking into the future, I am right here looking around at my day today.  I am finding that I have many blessings right here at this moment.

May you find many blessings today as well,


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