I am not going to take it anymore. And I Love that!!

I am tired of the fear I have to face every time I need to see a doctor.

Hey,  It’s been a rough couple of days here for me.  I went down and ended up in the ER as I wrote in an earlier blog this week.   I need to get this get this off my heart.  Now, of course, I am dealing with what I have going on as well as going through pretty severe withdrawals from the meds I was given in the ER.  I really wish I had thrown a fit and demanded no MEDS!!  I probably would have been restrained and given them anyway, but it would have made me feel better that I had put up more of a fight.  I dream of a society that has clinics where you can go to a naturalist, Holistic doctor or a shaman to find out what is happening.  I HATE DOCTORS!  AND I LOVE THAT!!

So I looked up these symptoms I am having and found that they are related to the Pepcid that they gave me as well as Carafate.

Carafate side effects: Less severe side effects may include:

  • nausea, vomiting, upset stomach;
  • stomach pain;
  • constipation, diarrhea;
  • mild itching or skin rash;
  • sleep problems (insomnia);
  • dizziness, drowsiness, spinning sensation;
  • A headache; or.
  • Back pain.

Pepcid side effects: Less severe side effects may include:

  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation;
  • dry mouth;
  • dizziness, weakness, mood changes;
  • A headache; or.
  • Muscle cramps, joint pain.

What the Hell is up with this sorry shit.  Scuse my language but why the hell would they give you something that is far worse than what you are suffering with???? I now have to deal with the withdrawals of the garbage they pumped into my bloodstream.  I had no rights in the hospital to refuse this poisoning!!!  WHY???? Something has to change folks!!

I am writing this in hopes that it can reach out and teach people that we need to change our medical community.  There are no rights for the patient, and these nurses and doctors have absolutely no compassion for their fellow human beings.  I am just a person in a meat suit to them, and I mean nothing to them.  I have been told by doctors before they have no thought even for their own families.  We have students that go into this profession, and when they come out on the other side of their degree, they have changed to be the most uncaring and hurtful people in the world.

I am licensed as a Holistic health practitioner, and I care so much for the pains, the illnesses that the human being has to endure.  I take no money for the help I can give.  In fact, I am so emotional I have to find a quiet place away from others, so I don’t get overwhelmed.  In fact, I have found out I have leaky gut due to having what is called emotional gut. I have had a lot going on with different areas in my life, and every emotion I feel it comes from the very depth of my being.  My poor guts cannot take the toxic food I ate at a family gathering as well as the emotional excitement of going out of the house and experiencing life.  I am in need of finding a real confident that I can tell everything to so I can allow my weak body to let go of all that I hold onto.  I sure wish I had a team of caring people to bring that to my attention the other night.

That night as I watch these so-called professionals go about like two robots I was applauded at the lack of compassion that they gave.  I had to keep asking them questions about what they were doing what was happening.  All they cared about was going through the motions without any emotions.  I find this is and has been happening even outside the medical community.  I deal with these kinds of actions with my own friends and family members.  My husband is the worse.

I am thankful for him though because he helps me to learn what  I do not want to be like.

I am so sad today as I type this and see that those who we put our trust in to take care of us are so genuinely heartless.  Why??  It is not right that I know the mass of folks, who swore an oath to take care of us on this earth as the most unkind, ungrateful and uncompassionate of the species.  I shake my head that we are led to slaughter in our hospitals, used as guinea pigs and are giving poisons that do nothing but make us feel worse.  How truly sad to be rushed into a place we hope will help us feel better while helping us find out what is happening inside our bodies, only to be used for money making for the pharmaceuticals that will just make us feel worse.

I am now using my own herbals remedies to help me to heal, and I will be supporting my body to remove the poisons that the medical team I went in hoping to trust to help me with my healing,  have put into me.  I am so grateful that I know what to do to help myself.  I wish I had stood up though and told them to go to hell when it came to meds.  I just needed to know what was happening inside of me.  I indeed would never have gone if I  had a clinic to go to that would have done a blood test for me.

I was told I had inflammation of the intestines, I know that is code for leaky gut syndrome.  I will be treating my leaky gut and helping myself.  Anyone who has IBS, IBD, Chrons or any problems with the stomach has a leaky gut syndrome.  Want to find out more about this Lookup Dr. AXE. He has a whole series on this issue that affects just about every human being on this planet.  I am following his guidance and treatment.  I feel better today, but like I stated earlier, I am having to over come the withdrawals that the ER gave me.

Let’s change the way we treat the human body, not once while in the ER did they ask me what was happening in my life, no background nothing.  I was just a number on a screen.  I was this weight and height, and they were looking for anything that could to bring in money.  I was not a daughter, wife, sister, granny, momma.  I was nothing to them.  I felt that as well.  The body as a whole was not even recognized I was nothing to them.

I want to change the world for better, I want everyone who is ill to be honestly seen and carried for, I am not a meat suit.  I am someone who loves genuinely, is loved profoundly and needs to be treated as such.  Shame on the Doctors and nurses who do their job and have no care if they cause more harm!! Shame on those who go through life and allow this kind of treatment and not stand up and say it is wrong.  It is time to write our congress, president and tell them that we need to completely change the way we treat the human being in a medical setting.  These meat suits <—- I HATE THAT DESCRIPTION, is the way our beautiful spirit get through this world.  Treat it as disdainfully as you do, and you will suffer and hurt for all your years on this earth.  Treat the miracles of the body with the compassion and love it deserves and watches how we make our life here miraculously beautiful!

How do we stop this mistreatment of the human being?  STOP accepting what you are given as standard and start demanding better!!  Stop thinking of your gift the body as a nothing, it is incredible! Start treating your body as the temple that it was made to be, it was knitted by your mother in her womb for your precious spirit to reside in.  It indeed is a temple to give thanks for.  Stop feeding it garbage and demand better foods, if you indeed were to accept that you are a living god would you not want better food, McDonald’s isn’t the food for gods let me tell you.  GMO food is nothing but crap and mother nature would kill it if she was able to.  Wake up, learn what is happening around you, if not for yourself, then for your children your grandbabies.  Please, we need you to wake up and help us.


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