Little itsy Bitsy spider…

Twas late afternoon when I got this weird feeling, I walked around my enclosed porch looking out the windows and there it was.  The first Fall critter on the march to find him a girlfriend.  Every year here in Colorado we have the march of the tarantulas.  Our home must set on the sacred path of these little beasties.  I ran in to get my phone so I could take a picture of this large black and golden-backed spider.  He is completely harmless but you really don’t want to pick him up and give him sweet little kisses.  These little guys travel many miles in search of their female counterparts.

The roads out here in Colorado are covered at times with this little hair guys.  I think they are great and they are a true sign that we are heading into fall.  Usually, we don’t see them till mid-September but they are on the move here towards the end of August.  Honey get the shovels ready we are in for some snow this year.  YAY!!

Still, as I took my picture I was saying to myself just keep on heading out there little furry guy and I hope you find the girl of your dreams.


I am not one to mind the creepy crawly stuff as long as I don’t have to worry about them entering my abode.  I am not sharing, so last night as I was letting my one incontinent dog out for the 2nd time in two hours, I noticed a dark thing on the floor by the back door.  I have two doors I must pass through to get to the outside.  I let the dog out, but as I had no glasses on I wasn’t sure if the black mass on the floor moving!  I picked up one of my super heavy slippers I wear outside in the gardens and went on the hunt.  If this black thing moves he is getting a shoe upside its head.

I am ready to pounce when my little pee body I call her, scratches on the door, and I know that bastard of black mass had to have moved.  I set to smack it out the door, hit it and then realize I murdered a dust bunny from my big black pup.  I set the poor hair bunny outside and resumed back to bed feeling crawly and creepy.  I will be cleaning out the porch tonight as well as spraying some cedar and peppermint oil.  NO visitors for the winter, vacancy is full!!

I am finding that as I am awakening the little things like this are the best.   Short and sweet on this blog, hope you have a great day!



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