A call to the mountains, became my best teacher yet!

What if those people that they are killing were once the loves of their life, in another life time?

I woke from dreams of yellow, purple and blue flowers. I can still smell the scent of pine and feel the rough bark of a thousand-year-old pine tree.  I stood there with my heart in a million pieces and my hands gently placed on either side of this big old tree.  You can feel their spirit in them, they talk to one another just like we talk to each other.  I noticed all the scars first, the Pitch that ran down from his wounds that fill in those spaces turning those places into injuries.  The pain that he had was just like ours, yet he healed and still grows.  I could see that these wounds were from careless people who nailed things into his massive trunk, or tied ropes that soon developed into his branches,  there were the scars of forest fires from the past, intense storms, and long winters.

This big beautiful tree was full of life, love, sweet scents, had resisted the intense storms and gives life.  My heartfelt so broken as I told him of all I have had going on in my life, the hate in the world the illnesses that are not being helped and the people dying because of it.  He was very caring and stood there quietly as I poured my heart out, I hurt from the past, the confusion I am dealing with in the present. I let the tears come as I heard his spirit talk to mine.  I was ok, I was doing what I came here to do, and yes it hurts, it’s confusing, it’s more than I can take at times.  I took a deep breath in of that crisp mountain air, I looked at all those old scars, they healed so well, they were there, but he was still beautiful.  I have my injuries as well, I have given life, and I have stood through many strong storms, I am and will continue to grow.

Do you know the trees have hundreds of losses a year?  This year hundreds if not thousands of trees were destroyed in just a matter of moments. Digital Camera

This happens in just a couple of days this past spring.  We had a tornado like wind come through and flatten out acres of land here in Colorado.  Digital Camera

These beautiful old pine had survived where others had not, he knows only love and gives us fresh air every day.   My little thoughts on this and that are nothing really, they are just lessons to be learned and then go on giving and loving.   The news didn’t play the death toll on these magnificent creations, they had no i-witnesses on how there were people who nail things on them.  The ropes the cut into their branches and the ugly scar of the names of these nasty people had carved into the flesh of the tree.  We as people should be ashamed of the way we act so selfish and uncaring.  We preach and yet destroy.  The human has become a robot that has no feelings for others, works insane hours and waste their time on TV shows and social media promoting hate.

How about this we promote LOVE instead, stop spreading the disease of the news!! Go outside and pick up that trash you drive by every day.  NO, it’s not yours but hey it will make you feel better, and we can teach our children how to care once again.  While talking to this gentle giant I turned around and saw all the trash others had left in this beautiful place, I could get angry and shout and be mad.  I instead picked up a bag and started to fill it up.  I felt so good about myself, my problems not really a problem anymore.   I know that I made a difference after a moron left a mess.  It’s time to show the world that we care, and stop posting on our timelines the hate and the killings that the news shows us.  What a world we would have if we stopped, healed ourselves and gave back to our planet.  Sitting there on your fat ass and complaining about the world isn’t HELPING!!!!

I learned from my old pine tree that my life is meant for much better than stress and worry.  I am allowing the teachings of my past to keep me in a limited place.  I am tired of this!!  I am stopping it.  I am going to pick out the trash in my life and replace it with good deeds.  I will make time for others as well as myself.  If I don’t like something, then I will find something to love.  I have already stopped the news to one extent it is my goal to erase it entirely out of my life.  No more will I sit around and talk about the negative things going on, I will be promoting the good.  If people around me don’t want to see it or hear it.  Tough Cookies!!  Get a real life and start helping! Delete me and stay in your limited place and fill your life with all the destruction you can find, it’s your prerogative.

Life is too short, it’s hard at times, but it can be beautiful and full of love.  It has always been up to us which path we want to take.  I am in love with the idea of promoting love.  Killing hate with Love what a great way to live life.  It will take some work, but it sure will feel good.  I will make it my job to clean up where ever I go and spread the word about what love can make happen.  When I find myself slipping down that slippery slope of negativity, I know that is my cue to get up off my ass and go to the mountains.   The mountains are my therapy, there is so much wisdom in them there trees and hills.  I am a big part of them, if they die so shall I, and guess what I bet when I die one of them shall die too.  We are all connected to this world.

TCM Traditional Chinese medicine has described for years how the human body is affected by all that happens here on this planet.  The wind, the rain, the cold the heat, even this solar eclipse that is coming up Monday the 21st.  Those who are hating and killing are doing so because they are so removed from the earth and themselves.  It is too bad that they don’t take the time to reconnect to the plant and do good in this world.  If they would have been taught that they are connected to every human being on this planet and that the hating thoughts they have were all just lies.  Imagine if all the haters would do kind and loving acts how incredible this world could be.  How about all the gangs, instead of the hate and negativity, they reach out and help build homes for the homeless or mowed the yard for an elderly.  The good they would pass on would come back to them 100 fold.

Let’s turn off the fake news, let’s get back out there and meet our neighbors, how about we teach our children what really matters in this world.  No more killings from the pharmaceutical companies. Let’s shut them down.  No more watching a selfish government do what they want, let’s make them do what they need for the people.  Fire those who will not do their job.  It’s time we get up and teach and share what the truth is.  First Lesson… YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET OFF THIS PLANT THE SAME WAY YOU GOT ON!!  We are all connected, we are all spirits having a human experience.  YOU are no better than anyone else.  We are all perfect just the way we are!  YES, you can be happy if you want to be.  NO one is going to ever make your life better!  ONLY you can do that!

My teacher was a pine tree, he had more love and wisdom than any human I have ever come across.  Bet you can guess who I will be seeking when I need advice again!!

One more thought, those people out there that you see killing one another, what if in another lifetime they were your lover, your best friend, your mom, and Dad, they were your little brother or sister. What if the people you are hurting and hating where your most profound love many lifetimes ago.  Would you keep beating them or killing them?? What if you found out that the circle of life is and has always been, we are all connected in some fashion.  Would you continue to spread hate, hurt others and cause stress for those who you need to let go of love? It’s not about being right guys!! It’s about remembering the truth!

Love them like they have always been a love of your life,


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