Save the day

August 14, 2017

What if the word victim could be redefined into something closer to hero recognizing that the path some have tread will spare others from the same?

saves the day, again –
The Universe

P.S. From where each goes others learn.

Being a hero isn’t at all what we have been taught.  I think of a hero as someone who faces his fears and leads the way on blind faith and love.  Those heroes who go on and keep doing what they know is right because it comes from the heart, not from a piece of paper, a book or because they were told to.  A hero has that sunshine smile on while their heart is broken over and over.  They do everything the hard way, won’t give up on love no matter what and will be there when needed no matter how tired and sick.

You know you have only seen a few folks like that, they hide in the shadows at times but when things really need to be done, or you need a smile, a hug, and love for being just you, they come out and shine like a full moon.  They answer your letters no matter what, they don’t make you wait and you feel warm and fuzzy when you hear their voice.  Those are the true heroes out there.

A hero is the one who goes out in the world with their broken body, broken heart and makes you laugh. They fight demons of past hurts, share their hearts with no regrets, believes in miracles.  A hero prays for the world and minds their own business, they don’t bash the haters, they promote what they love.  Create with passion, love from a depth few have felt, face the fear of rejection, don’t give up hope on others, sees the light in every dark day.

A hero can stand up and make a fool of themselves from a loving place, doesn’t believe you have to suffer for anything, but will. Loves nature, animals, and even creepy crawly things.  A hero stands up for themselves with a loving heart.  A hero minds their own business even if they know a better way.  A hero doesn’t bring up the past to win a fight, a hero fights for the love they know is out there.  A hero allows anyone to say what they need and knows in their heart that it isn’t about them and that the person saying those things is speaking of themselves.


I am a hero among heroes, some of us know it some of us hasn’t found that out yet. WE all have special super powers but have been misled into thinking they are faults. You are a hero! Every time you make a person smile, are there with encouraging words, answer an email right away <— pet peeve of mine, make time to be there for others. You are a force to be reconned with when you love yourself, heal that past, limited hurt and beliefs, setting you free to be the best super hero yet.

Want to change the world, change you by allowing you to be that special hero we all need.   Your enemy is the limited thoughts and distractions you have been using to hide from the greatness that is you.  Allow yourself greatness, the freedom it brings is what you’re supposed to have.  Let go of the past, live in the present and allow the future to do its thing.  YOU got this!!

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