Not everyday

shhhhh… I am healing past hurts and issues today.

It’s one of those days where I feel very tired and heavy, not in a depressing way, just tired and not motivated to do much.  There would have been a time I would have gotten upset with myself, wondering what was wrong with me.  I would have thoughts on me slacking, being lazy.  I love these days now.  I get to stop, reflect on all the good things that have been happening and enjoy sitting as I do nothing.  I might read a book or stare out the window and watch the clouds form over the mountains.  In fact, I may do the crazy thing and go lie down for 30minutes and get a nap.

There was a time not too long ago where I would have berated myself for even having a day like this.  My mind would tell me that there was something wrong, to get up and accomplish just one thing.  There was this one time my Dad told me that even if you get up and pick a piece of lint off the floor, at least you had done something for that day.  I use to take solace in that.  I love that I once did take solace in what he said.  I know better now.  I don’t have to do one thing but sit here and love every thought that comes to my mind, every past limited thought and love each one of them.  There is nothing wrong with a day of sitting and relaxing.  I can sit here and get more done by meditating, then if I push myself to do something I don’t feel like doing.  To spend the energy fighting myself when I am tired. I have healed a lot of past issues these last couple of days, just because of the old thought that I need to do something every day is pestering me, isn’t a reason to do it.

I love the freedom I have found in accepting all that my mind wants to remind me of.  It’s great to say after your mind brings up a past hurt… that’s wonderful!  Knowing that you have again healed a past limited thought and are now free from it.  These past weeks have been so full of great healings, my body is getting stronger and healthier.  I have my days like today where I am worn down, but those are great days as well.  Our bodies heal when we stop and relax, there are studies done that say when you sleep that is when the body does most of its repair work.

I’ll be drinking my organic green tea, water and play some mind training games.  No tv, just the sounds of a quiet house with moments of my dog’s toenails clicking crossing the wooden floors.   I am in heaven watching the bird chase the bugs that are hanging on my screens,  I love watching the trees dance in the gentle breeze. I am going to enjoy every thought, be grateful for every emotion and heal super crazy today.

May you find freedom in your quiet day,


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