Strange and exciting

I have found my spirit guides! How to tell from the feeling of energies, that it truly is your loved one from the other side.

I have had some very strange and exciting things happen this past couple of days.

I can hear my spirit guides!! There was a time I would have done anything to be able to hear them.  I know now that I was in the way of achieving the ability to be able to communications with them.  For years I have studied, read books, practiced until I was so frustrated I gave up, trying so hard to hear my spirit guides.  I know they were out there but as I became sicker from my past limited thinking, I lost touch with them.  

It may be confusing to some who have never spoken or even heard of a spirit guide.  I would like to think that everyone has heard about those on the other side that have been assigned to us since the day we took our first breath.  I always knew that I had someone there for me that was not in the physical form, who I could hear and play with.  How sad the day came when I woke up from my illness and could not hear them anymore.  In my darkest times, I had lost wonderful friends who I trusted, knew on a much deeper level and loved very much.  My mind was only able to hear a high pitched sound, not their beautiful voices.  I could sense them so days but that was all.

Let’s skip ahead a few years, with lots of hard work I was able to start to heal my past, fear based thoughts, after months and months of feeling, allow and loving my past hurts,  I heard my name being called.  This happened a couple of weeks ago, I was going to bed, I was crying over a past hurt and was deep in the emotions of that hurt, this voice called my name so clearly.  I knew this voice, I stopped and listen closer, but I didn’t hear it again.  I started to wonder who that could have been, then her image came to mind. It was my Sister, she had passed some time ago but it was her.  I was so excited! I knew it was her, and it was how she said my name when she was here on this earth.

Two more weeks went by, I was just happy she had come by and was there when I was so sad.  I was still doing my meditations and had another past hurt come up and was sitting and loving it.  I heard my name again, but it was during the day. Without missing a beat I said out loud, hi Dee I love and miss you so much.  Thank you for being here.

Now, this is the best way to describe the feeling I got when I talk to my loved one from the other side.  The feeling you get of those who are around you is their energies.  The energy you feel from your sister is different from the feeling you get from your spouse. That is how it feels when a loved one comes through, while I heard her voice.

The other night as I was just about to fall asleep, I said my prayers, said what I am grateful for and asking St. Raphael to help me with some really itchy bumps that had come up and I was having more and more showing up.  I had thought they were mosquito bites but this was acting like an allergic reaction or worse shingles.  I had tried all the natural remedies I knew and nothing was working.  I had a suspicion it may be a new herbal blend I had started taking.

I heard this voice, it wasn’t one I had heard before but it was like I knew it very well.  I felt like I was connected on a really deep level. Yet I knew he wasn’t a past family member.  He had a Chinese accent, and no I have no idea how to even mimic this voice.  I could not have created it if I had wanted to.  He told me to stop taking the herbal blend I was worried about, he told me it was hurting me. I was to start drinking Green tea, three glasses a day, water, no ginger beer, no other herbs, just green tea.  I asked if I would be able to take anything later on.  He told me patience I need to have patience and new Chinese medicine he would send me when it was time.

I am talking to him like he and I are sitting at my kitchen table face to face.   He went on and told me his name was, it sounds like Chain, but I am sure it is spelled differently.  He told me he was my spirit guide and he has been with me always.  I wanted to sit up in bed and yell, I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  I  managed to stay in control of myself and asked him that very question.  He said that when I had shoved my emotions away, I had cut myself off from him as well.  I was so excited that I could hear him so clearly no high pitched sounds!

I got to talk to him for a long while that night,  I loved the way he made me feel loved, how much he wanted me to help me with my natural healing I for my Lyme Disease and the other healing I am doing. I had to laugh at the way he told me how I am stubborn and very head strong. I would hear him and then still do something that I shouldn’t.  I did tell him I was sorry all I got love from him was laughter and more love.  It is fantastic to have him back in my life. I feel like the little girl I once was, strong as well as funny.

Last night, as I got ready for bed, I was pretty emotional from the letter/blog I had written the day before.  It was a letter to my daughter, I had cried the whole time I wrote that blog, every time I thought about it I would cry again.  I know that it was the biggest healing I have had yet.  I knew that it was the best thing to happen to me.  My Spirit guide Chain came through and told me I needed to relax, he talked me through a relaxation exercise.  I had my Sister come through, my best girlfriend who had passed, my Aunt Tommy, and my first love.  I was amazed at how easy it was to hear and converse with them.  I talked with my sister till I fell asleep, just like when we were sharing a room together.

I had found out that when we heal from the past, fear based, limited lies and hurts, you open up to your spiritual self. I couldn’t find my spirit guide till I allowed myself to let go of those things from the past. When you are not being distracted by drama, lies and those things in which you can not change, you open yourself up to receive those messages.

Today I was busy with the house cleaning then started dinner and I had another spirit guide come through.  He has a southern cowboy accent, he is such a flirt and I asked him if I have dreamed of him, he said yes ma’am that was me.  I had to laugh, he was giving Chain a  ribbing.  I know this must sound so crazy to some.  It sounds crazy to me as I write it.  There is nothing to gain by telling you all a made up story.

I am so happy that they are back and I can talk to them anytime. I once felt so alone and yet today I feel I have so many loving energies around who are watching over me.

 I can’t say this enough, or better yet I can’t write this enough!  Throw the tv outside in the dumpster,  get off social media, if you can’t quit it cold turkey then how about setting a timer for two hours with your phone on airplane mode, sit outside, inside, with tea or green eggs and ham.  Sit and be still love the hurts that come up, the doubts, the fear, and I don’t know what to dos.  Love who you are, be ok not knowing what to do, let go of the unrealistic fears your mind loves to create. Find who the child that you once were.  

Watch Some inspirational videos like Kyle Cease, or how about some JP Sears, I love Blair Robertson and Tyler Henry.  If you got to be on social media then watch something that will enlight your life!! Do what makes you feel light and happy, get rid of and stop doing those things that make you feel heavy and depressed.  Want to make a change in your life DO IT TODAY! Stop listening to the excuses that your mind makes up on how you can’t or shouldn’t do it, that’s when you really need to do that very thing.

I have found my freedom, I am falling head over heels in love with myself, I am having more fun, I laugh out loud at the crazy thoughts I have in my head.  I am healing and loving those past hurts, my spirit guides are coming through. I allow myself to feel every emotion I have.  I have found my passions, I am writing from my heart, I don’t care what others think about me.  I am healing faster than I thought I could from all my illness. I really can see the correlations of how our past issues and hurts can affect our lives drastically.

I am excited to see what else happens for me on my 100-day meditation blogging adventure, I can’t wait to feel, heal and grow as my challenge continues.

With lots of love,


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