Full of Love

August 2, 2017

In the end all you have are memories, and usually, the ones you have with friends are the ones you treasure most.

I got you, babe –
The Universe

P.S. Not that there’s really an “end,”. And “usually” means there are indeed exceptions – like dancing in the dark, walking in the park, and some of those really loud sneezes.

Funny thing, I read this after I wrote to my BFF of 20 years., this morning.  I have been slacking a bit on my emails. Which had me thinking of this phrase, All we get to take with us are the memories.  We really don’t comprehend that there will be a time that we will leave this earth form and go back to our spirit world.  It isn’t until we have some kind of tragedy happen that we finally get that message! I use we a lot but in reality, it is I who feel these things.  I have no idea if others do, but I get tired of seeing I all the time so I use we too, I guess I could use us more as well.

We really don’t comprehend that there will be a time that we will leave this earth form and go back to our spirit world.  It isn’t until we have some kind of tragedy happen that we finally get that message!  Why is it we have to lose someone, become very ill or have an epiphany to finally realize we are not going to make it out of here with this body.   I wish that they had a class in high school on the subject of Death, it could be a spiritual awakening we all need, a humbling that we all could use, more so for others and I am speaking of the White House, Senate, Congress, President etc… I am glad that I have learned to just shut them off.  It’s nothing but a reality tv for fake news.   If you ignore that stuff it does get better.  Why watch it all it does is cause you heartburn, anger issues, and panic attacks.  Might as well just turn it off, and it feels sooooo good!!

It’s crazy how I had made it almost a life goal not to think about leaving this earth form.  It has taken me some time and a lot of work to reteach my mind that I am so much bigger than this one little earth being.  Want to blow your mind, I know it blows mine, think about this, we are on the edge of our galaxy, and there are how many galaxies we know about?

When I think of us in spirit form,  I am reminded of the movie men in black and how that alien came down to earth and used poor Egar for a suit.  Not that I think we all look like big slimy cockroaches in our spiritual form.

I think the analogy I am trying to use is the way our limitless spiritual form is like and what the human body is like:                                                                                                                                         ” Phenomenal cosmic powers…itty-bitty living space.” – Aladdin

There that was what I think I was trying to say!  NAILED IT< THANKS, ALADDIN!!

I believe that I am so much more than a light or an energy source, I have found there are things that let me know that I am a matter that matters. In this form as a human and the lies we are taught, we forget how Phenomenal we all are.    The love that we feel is a testament to that very fact, but you have to stop, listen and feel that love to get that bigger picture.

I challenged me and my BFF to a stay in contract for 100 days or more.  It’s sad when I can’t take the time out of my day and at least send a paragraph to a friend I love very much.  I don’t want to be like the older gentleman that drove up to my home the other day, looking for his long time friend and finding out that he had passed at least a year ago.  He had his phone number but did call until he was in the area, and wondered why he wasn’t able to get a hold of him.

NOPE, not going to allow that to happen.

Life is for living, exploring, loving, trying, healing, experiencing all emotions. Work is work, it’s not life and those things we have collected will not matter one day. What will matter will be the friends, the family, the love that we shared that will be eternally a part of us that one thing you get to take with you.  Make time to love, hug often, send a message out and let go of those things that are not for your betterment, that work you go to every day really isn’t  going to make a difference in this world.  That love you are learning, that creative part that you are finding, that will make a difference! My wish is that we all learn to live in a child like amazement and help others find their way back to that child like existence in life as well.

My thanks to my friend for reminding me this morning that even in my creativity, finding and healing time, I need to stop and make time to share it.


Till we meet in the cosmos,


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