Desires are ok to have <3

The lies are dropping like flies. When you awaken you get to see how many lies you were living with.

I have noticed a lot of lies coming to my attention as I am awakening.  It’s so sad how folks will do anything to keep those lies that they were taught close to their ear and heart like a lifeline.  They have to know it’s not true yet they will cling to it like around life preserver.  I am losing more people out of my life every day, mostly Facebook acquaintances.  I am okay with it but it’s so sad how those folks you thought you had a lot in common with,  go back to their old way of thinking because I guess it feels normal and they feel safe there.  The question why would you want to stay in a limited space of being? I can answer that question because I was one of those who stayed distracted and lived in a limited mindset for a long time.  It’s scarier out there in the real world, I am much safer coming from a place of inside.

I knew while I was in that limited world, that things felt wrong, no passion or excitement. I was bored, lost, lonely, depressed, felt unloved, had no want to get up and be creative, even though I had some great ideas, I wouldn’t even try to do them.  My mind always saying what was the use.  I remember watching and judging others as well. I love that I can sit back and appreciate the creative way someone dresses, talks or does something.  {That being said I have yet to find humor in the distracted drivers on the road!!}

I sat ate bad food, watch tv as soon as I got my day done, and gave up on the love and excitement that was in my heart.   I found that once I gave up, my mind and body did too.  I have seen scientific experiments with people, where they found that our DNA and genetics can be changed just by changing the environment they are in.  Cancers, diseases, any illness, depression you name it, it can be cured with a geological relocation, better crowd of people, better mindset, getting out of an unhealthy relationship.  It doesn’t take moving to another country, it could be how you live your life.  You can be happy in a garbage dump if you so desire it.  You could, not me but maybe you could.  I wonder who this you guy or gal is?

I was watching a video about how if we allow our imaginations to truly feel the emotions of what we dream of or desire our minds think it is real.  For example, if  you can imagine going to a tropical island, feel the excitement of the day you are to travel, the warmth of the tropical breeze once you get to your cabana, the breezes kiss your tanning skin, the cool water as it laps at your feet, the sand as it slides out from under your feet, the smell of the ocean, the tangy taste of your tropical drink, mmmm refreshing…  You can sit for a couple minutes or an hour or so, and have a mini vacation, then go back to what you were doing, and they cool thing is your mind feels that it happened.  How about that hidden love or secret lover you might want to kiss and not tell about.  Why is it we are taught not to have those feelings? Why are we taught not to enjoy those mini little delights?  We are emotional beings, we have an imagination for a reason.  Yet limited teachings tell us it is wrong to have those thoughts and feelings.   Why?  Who the hell is it hurting? You don’t have to act on them you can dive deep into your imagination and feel every little thought, experience your desires like they are happening.  WOW Am I blowing your mind!!

We are emotional beings, we have an imagination for a reason. If we allow our minds the freedom to imagine like we did as kids how much happier would you be?

To sit in the sun with a glass of ice cold tea, dreaming of painting the next Rembrandt, all while you’re eating your lunch at work. Hey, you might just stop by your local craft store and pick up some paints and paper.    How about hiding in those bushes and spying on that crook next door, He may be a double agent you never know. I loved to imagine I was a famous cook while cooking dinners for my family.  I came up with some great ideas and tried a few of my imaginative creations on my family.  They turned out great!!  It is sickening how we are taught that these kind of thoughts are wrong.  WHY?  When did having an imagination become a sin???  The teachings of Limitation is the only way you can control the masses, making them think that only the rich, the powerful can run this world.  Why run it, why not enjoy it, make it a special place for all people?

The teachings of Limitation is the only way you can control the masses, making them think that only the rich, the powerful, the gifted can create or run this world.  Why run it, why not enjoy it, make it a special place for all people? I don’t understand all the rules that make our lives a living nightmare.

Those few who make movies, create what you lack in your limited thinking.  I can make a hell of a lot better movies in my mind than one I have to pay 12 dollars to see. I think that is why I love the Disney  Channel, I can play along and dream and know that most of the time there is a happy ending, unless your old yeller, then you get to cry till you see the puppy that looks like his Daddy at the end.

I have found that I have a great imagination since I turned off the TV.  Want to call me delusional.  THANK YOU!!  By the way, Human life is irreplaceable, if you kill you have to live with that sin and I believe that leaves an ugly scar on the soul. You don’t have to act out what you imagine, but if you imagine killing people I would say you should go see a therapist, you might also have some deep hurts that need your attention ASAP.  For those of us who are not into killing as a desire, you can dive deep into your imagination and feel every little dream or fantasy like it is really happening.  WOW, am I blowing your mind? It blew my mind when I heard it!

How is imagination different, then a movie or a book character? I can sit here and write up a character that will curl your toes with desire, make you breathe faster with anticipation, have you squirming in your chair with want, have your tummy doing flip-flops at the thought of those hands going where? My dream man can be sexy, handsome business or rugged outdoor type, he can look like one of the three stooges, he can be a hopeless romantic or have a deep, dark, sexy past.  I can make him into anything my mind can come up with.  You can laugh and play with the character I created, close your eyes and enjoy the thrill of the steamy shower scene… do I have your attention?  I can have him do things that would make a porn star blush.  Why can I not then have a meditation session like this as well?? Why is it wrong to use my imagination for whatever I want? It’s my party and I’ll party like I want to!

I’ll leave you to think about that question for a few.   By the way after the and… I was thinking of flying.  Where was your mind?  HUH??

Did you have time to absorb my meaning of desire?  I was taught like many along with my parents, grandparents, society, and congregation that desire is wrong.  Ok, let’s get this straight.  There are some, parents <—- mine, churches that teach even breathing can be wrong. It’s such a bunch of bologna to teach such a terrible lie.  I have read the bible I had the most wonderful teacher, a Vietnam minister tell me: “The bible has many men’s opinions to it, it has been changed over the years, and each person who translates it has unbeknownst to them, added their own thoughts to it.  I am sure that those who read my works, will have their own interpretations/ understanding of that I am writing about.  That’s great but that doesn’t mean that I am wrong or you are wrong.  It means we all have our own understandings.  The bible is a reference and was a teaching tool, with all teaching material, things do change and may become obsolete or are found to have no backing to them, taught wrong or under misguided thoughts.  So wouldn’t that be the truth with anything, Bible, Quran, Buddhism, Islamic, high school history book, and the list goes on?

I know that as I heal my inner self of the fear, based, limited thinking I can tell you my thoughts are much more about seeing what I was taught.  In fact, the more I find and heal those past hurts, the more I am seeing how much I was lied to as I grew up.  My parents and those other places I have named, can not be blamed either they have been taught the same lies.  I just woke from the matrix!

The truth is not out there I have found the truth resides in you. I believe we get messages from the outside, but when the inside is healed and we are connected to ourselves in heart, those outside sources shine and feel of the heart.  They reside with us and we know it to be the truth we are looking for.  It is where the heart, soul, spirit resides. I believe we know the truth when we can look outside of ourselves from the place we should be in, which is inside ourselves.  I am watching these lies dropping like flies and I am enjoying finding my desires and using my imagination like I did when I was a child.

See you on the flip side,

WWYHS Three Kinds of Desire, a good article to read.

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