I’M in a MOOD!


I am a mess and I love that!  I am very angry today, resentful and feel overwhelmed that I am not happy and freaking positive to a fault!! AND I LOVE THAT!  There it’s out, I said it and it is out there for the world to see.  There will be very few who will see this, I don’t have many who are following me.   It’s OKAY I am not doing this for anyone but me.   I have been one of those who doesn’t want to hear it or feel the emotional lows from others, I do because I care, but to be truthful there are times I just don’t want to hear it.  I want the sunshine and lollipops.  I want want want want.  It is one of those days where I want it ALL and I want it ALL right now.  I feel like Veruca Salt and I LOVE THAT!

Veruca-Salt-1.jpg (560×423)

I am so thankful that these feelings are bubbling up into my emotions.  I am tired of not feeling all that is me.  I want to feel full!! I am truly done and do not want to hear it will all be alright!  NO SHIT, but today I want to rant and I want to feel all that I am feeling.  I don’t want to hear it will all be alright today.  WE all know it will be OKAY.  I am OKAY, I just want to feel like I feel today!   Hold on… I am going to go stomp around the room, gnash my teeth and say a naughty word, don’t want to read this then hit the X in the upper right-hand corner and close this fucking page!

I am not sorry for the way this is coming out, I am so freaking proud that I am letting it come to the surface.  I would love to see more of this happen with everyone in the world today.  Not every day but today, yes.  I would love to have someone comment…. HELL YEAH YOU GO FOR IT GIRL!!

I am sick and tired of feeling like I have to make this world a better place!  I love, share, do for others, but if it’s too much trouble for me to have a bad day then I say…. well here put your own words of what you think I would have written here________________________  Need more room?! Print this out and then add more on the back of the page.  Go on I give you permission to be in a really bad mood.  I  bet you it would stop shootings, wars and the morons who think they have to be right.  I bet if you allowed others the time to just feel like crap or their anger and allowed them to display it in a healthy way,  you’d see a change in this world.   I know we are still way cool, love hard and give our all, we just need the space and acceptance that it is alright to be in a MOOD!

If you don’t  love and are not cool and help others if they asked, then maybe next week you can work on that.

I am ready to have some abundance, fun, and travel for a while with no worries from outside drama, come into my life.

Guess what?  I see some freaking wonderful things appearing in my life, quite a few just today and am really fucking grateful, but I am still in a mood, I am in and I just don’t give a shit right now, but I will later MOOD!!!!  screams here 

It’s OKAY I give you permission to have a melt down as long as you don’t hurt yourself or others, but you know those old curtains you hate, let them have it, how about that old pillow and those old dishes you hate, give them a toss, you know you will replace them later, until then go get some paper plates,  a towel works great for curtains as well.

ME??  I am starting to feel lighter, and calmer, it helped that I  got to write and let it all come out, all the disappointments, the anger, resentment, frustration, depression, it was there hanging around for who knows how long,  eating at me…. I loved that I  was able to emotionally purge like nobodies business!!

I feel much better, I still may have more  MOOD come to the surface, that’s great I am OKAY with that!  IN FACT ….. I FUCKING LOVE THAT!!


Have a wonderful I’m in a MOOD day,


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