Answers in a sunset

It was a great night to sit out under the purple and blue clouds that had a silver lining running through them tonight.  The colors of the mountains were purple and dark blue, and you could see the outcrop of the jagged rocks outlining the smaller foothills.  It was a picture that looked as if someone had painted it.   The air was so refreshing and cool, but not cold just fresh and fragrant.  I love the way the fresh-cut grass tickled my feet where my sandal didn’t cover.

I loved to stop and take a piece of sweet grass off the bush and touch the soft velvet of its leaves, and then smell the fresh crisp scent.  I picked a piece of prairie oak the lemon, pine scent smells like a delicate expensive perfume.  Desert Sage has that mellow musky scent as you walk by it and of course, I had to snag a piece to play with as I continue my walk.   I will be making bundles to dry for burning and cleansing the air this winter.

I locked up the dog pen and turned to catch the amazing red that was dancing across the dark clouds.  I walked around to get a better view and this amazing site of the fire in the clouds met me.  It took my breath away as I watched the clouds become brilliant yellow and fade to reds and oranges.  The snow-white light that outlined the clouds in silver and gold reflected along the mountain peaks.  Who doesn’t want to see these colors that mesmerize you and keep your attention till the last light fades?

I wish I was a painter but then I think, but I would not be able to paint the colors that I saw, there are no such colors in a paint set.  I think that is what would frustrate me the most.  How to mix the colors to get the right magical color that only nature can create.  Not even the best camera out there can take that photo and make those colors. If that camera did the only way to see it, you would have to have a super HD screen and not all of us have those.  So they would see beautiful but not magical.   ONLY the eye can see the spirits that were there making those magnificent colors.  And I was lucky enough to have gone outside and enjoyed every moment.  Those are the moments of a life time.  They are missed by so many and it is truly a travesty!

I am celebrating the life and death of me.  I am celebrating the life I am finding in the inner dark and beautiful me.  I am celebrating the death of the old and limited, fearful me.   I am celebrating the love that grows from the death of the old and not needed.

I love Halloween it has always been my favorite time of the year.  I think this year we will have a celebration for those who have passed to spirit.  I think it is a great time to celebrate the spirit side enjoying the thought that those who have passed are free from those things that were hurting them or had made them sick.  I know in my heart we still learn on the spirit side.   This year I will be happy to have death added to my life lessons.  I want to allow it to be something that is looked forward to and celebrated as much as a new baby coming into the world.  I am allowing the fear of death to die and move on.

0593d7382b1b0a9e9b46262425d4ea2e--pink-rose-tattoos-candy-skulls.jpg (736×688)

What an incredible night I had and I look forward to the night and a good sleep.

I love living a full life!

Love and hugs,



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