Living for the Changes

When you can accept change you are truly free to live the life that is meant for you!

I see lots of little changes happening every day around me now.  I am loving not hearing the TV on, I can hear the birds outside my windows. I am finding that if I center myself I can let go of drama.

I meditated for one hour today, some days it is like I am watching a parade of old past movies flash by in my mind.  They use to make me feel things but not anymore.  I thank them for coming up and visiting, I love that they came up to show me that I have out grown them and I don’t need them anymore.

I am seeing the change in people as well, the awakening is like the spreading of light.  I can see these tiny little lights coming on here and there and then all of a sudden the whole area is lite up. It’s beautiful and so full of hope, love, and JOY.  When you see a person find his center, realizing who he/she, seeing the excitement a light in their eyes.  I now feel that more and more every day!

Yesterday I noticed my son was feeling the difference in the changes that are happening within me.  I am also seeing that I am changing in my relationship with him as well.  There is a silence that has come between us, I can only assume that this will work its way out between us.  There was a time I feared my kids would leave me.  Today in meditation I learned that my kids will always be a part of me and that there is no way they can leave me when I am connected with them in spirit.   It still is scary, when you have made your kids your life and then you have to allow them to go their own way.

Someone on  EOLcommunity said it so well the other day, we get to find out who we are now that our kids are off and living their own lives.  It feels like I am jumping out of a plane without a parachute. I have to trust in my wings and fly.

I have been learning how to allow change to come and go, I try to not set myself to a routine and if I do I make sure that if something comes up, that I would like to do, that wasn’t planned, I do it.  I love those surprises in life.  The times that are scary or I feel out of control I find my center, I listen to my breath I feel for my heart beat.  I become the present and love what ever comes up.  I may have to walk away for a moment but I allow what ever feelings are needing to speak to speak.

I cried today when I meditate, I asked why but I could not figure it out.  The feeling I have is that old past hurts, fears and limited thinking are being healed, the tears being the sign that this is happening for me.  I don’t get frustrated or confused anymore, I just let the tears fall and love the moment of growth.

Last night I was thinking again about my mortality about how I am not guaranteed a certain amount of years here on earth.  I want to look more into death and face those fears, and learn to celebrate that transition to the spirit side.  Life is about the lessons of learning to love where you are at all times.  I wake up so grateful for where I am, I love that there will be new adventures every day, even if that adventure is taking a nap.  When I am happy where I  am more seems to come into my life.

I am tired today, it’s been a great week of learning, not that the learning wasn’t tiring.  I am worn out but I feel good!  Today I may just lay down and watch the rain storms coming in.  It’s so nice to take a nap while it is dark and rainy.


I have a bit of an update on my Lyme Disease here.  I am doing really good these days. I still have my heavy and very tired feeling, but my pain is manageable and I am adding another herb to my arsenal of healing.  I am seeing a difference and I am so excited about that.  I am learning about herbs every day.  I am learning a lot about cannabis and the healing power it has as well.  I am working on learning all I can and then some.  I want to learn to help everyone with the power of nature.   I am seeing awakening as well in others.  I see a future where there will be natural healers helping our fellow humans to take back the power to heal themselves.   The herb I added is Stevia and it looks very promising.  I am talking about the extract, not the powder form.

You can read more here:

It is another weekend and I am looking forward to some time off.  I am getting ready for a very excited as well as bringing forth more changes and healing for me.  Until tomorrow…

Update 7-24-2017

I had said I was going to look into taking stevia extract.  I did try it for about two weeks and became very sick.  I knew it was the stevia because I only try on herbal extract at a time. I went online and found out why this happened.  I had no idea that stevia can disrupt the T-4 uptake for your Thyroid, also it can disrupt your hormones as well as digestive issues.  You can read more on this in this article I am including.

Happy meditations,


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