A Passion for health

The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.


I write what I feel as I feel it.  I think that what we are passionate about is our calling.  I have been looking to help myself with pain management for a long time.  I have tried many different herbs for pain. I have found that some worked, some didn’t and I found others that were just right.

My passion for finding a natural cure for all that I am dealing with has led me to wonderful sacred plants.  I found them as I went to school for herbalism.  I have a great herbalist that I work with as well.  The best thing she taught me was to trust in myself.  I was so afraid of herbs from all the wrong teachings I had as a child,  from school and other sources that were taught wrong as well.  It didn’t make sense to me nor does it now, that food from the earth would be bad for you.  Ohh I know there are some plants that are very poisonous but the ones we eat and use to spice up our food are the ones I’m talking about.

I wanted to educate myself on the herbs we use as foods as well as other herbs that are not used every day in culinary uses, but just as important and they may not be used here in the States, but they are used all over the world.  My heritage is Scottish and Native American.  I know that my ancestors used nothing but herbs as medicine.  In fact, we as a country used herbs as a medicine until the late 1900’s.  Why did we stray so far from what our great Grandparents only used?  My grandmother and her friends and family had a tonic for every season of the year.

I am finding out that our food comes from that which mother nature herself would destroy if it were not for all the pesticides they spray to keep her from doing so.  These plants are unhealthy and mother nature would kill them with molds or insects. Those plants that mother nature made to keep us healthy young and vibrant are being killed, or genetically modified, then they tell us lies about these plants.  It makes no sense to me that more people are not seeing what is going on.

I could post a bunch of references on GMO’s, pesticides, the bee’s dyeing, chemical warfare being used to hurt us more in the name of medicines, but all you have to do is google what ever you want to know, there may be three million hits but if you USE that old brain to search and let your heart tell you the truth you can cut through the bullsauce.  I did just that and started to see the horrors of what is really happening out there.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity”. Hippocrates

I believe we have the power to heal ourselves, I know I am not alone on when it comes to this belief.  I am seeing more Holistic doctors stepping up, and there are more teachers on natural cures that are coming out of the proverbial closet as well.  I am seeing a shift of awakening people who don’t listen to the masses and are looking hard at what is happened to our human compassion.  Love is being spoken of more and more, people are taking care of themselves first and then helping others, or they are sharing their journey to wellness as they transverse it.

I have learned the hard way that I am not prescription deficient.  I am not in need of a pharmaceutical that will only increase my pain and suffering.   There is no drug that I have studied that has anything good for you in it, the side effects alone have me fearful of every having them in my life again. I am a benzodiazepine survivor, that is what all who are getting off medicines are… survivors!   I have taken pills for all that has ever ailed me and not one of them ever made me better, and I have lost years to side effects that I will never get back.  I have learned that there isn’t one prescription out there that is a miracle pill!

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses”. Hippocrates

If I had not become ill I would not have had the blessings I have and the knowledge that I can share.  I love that I can tell what a flower can do by just asking it.  If we listen the plants can tell us what it can do.  David Wolfe teaches that the color of food can cure.   I will include the link for an article he has put out about it. 

Socrates-Quotes-1.jpg (500×500)

I was talking to a friend tonight about how his lovely little wife has found help from her facial pain she has been suffering with for many years.  It has taken her normal life away and he had lost his best friend.  As she has been seeing a pain management doctor, she has seen nothing but surgery after surgery, and more and more pain.  This poor little lady has begged for prayers and has been in and out of doctors hands for way too long.    I had suggested CBD oil a while back and she seemed interested but fearful because of all the negativity that has surrounded this miraculous plant.

I can openly say that being a cops daughter I had a hatred for the cannabis plant.  I as well as hundreds of thousands of people have been taught to hate this sacred plant on false reasoning. Why?…. Well if you have ever read any of my other healing articles you would have seen where the oil company became very worried about the benefits the hemp plant had, not only for the way it healed us but our earth and was cleaner than petroleum-based products.  In fact, it would have put them out of business along with lumber companies, and they couldn’t have that, could they?!

Cannabis has been with us for a long time and we have had a love affair with its many healing attributes until the 1930’s.  And yes it is patient as a medicinal herb!!! US Patent 6,630,507  Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants

I got off my story of my friend here, so she tried the CBD oil and found that it started to work for her, it was helping her with all her pain.  The mistake she made was She took the CBD oil to her pain management doctor and he told her to stop using it when he had it tested and it came back with .03% THC.

RANT:  Which is a load of horse shit… excuse my verbage here.  But that isn’t nearly enough for any kind of high. There needs to be THC in with the CBD oil to have the right kind of benefits, even just a small amount is found to have wonderful therapeutic uses. 

I am learning that CBD oil is not legal in all 50 states and that there are only 16 states that will allow you to have CBD only oil.  It’s a travesty that this plant is not available to all those who are in need of it.  I put the link down below on the states that allow it.  There are a lot of regulation in all the states that allow it.  So, unfortunately, you’ll have to brush up on that.

I am truly lucky and blessed that I can grow my own medicine.  I am lucky that cannabis is legal here in my state.  I can use the whole plant and grow the right kind of plant for my illnesses.  I feel for those who can not get it or have to get it on the down low.  It is a blatant way of controlling the masses again!  I am saddened that our government once again places our health as second and the all mighty dollar as the top priority!   When our world worries more about the human suffering, then we shall see a change in our health care!

It starts with me and you, educate yourself about our health care, pharmaceuticals and zombie food (GMO’S)!  When we can educate the masses and show them that our government and our health care providers are not in this to help us to be healthy than we can start to change the way we care for millions of humans.  Sitting on our bottoms and complaining isn’t going to help.

Teach your kids to eat healthily, don’t buy the fast food, or prepackaged foods. I keep my cabinets full of healthy food so I am not tempted to eat the stuff full of sugar and fillers.  I don’t go to my doctor if I am in a bad accident and have no other choice than I guess I go to the doctor.  You can bet I’ll be upset to know that is where I am.

Look for Organic whole foods, what you pay in good food saves you in doctors bills, plus your side effects will be you feel better to have more energy and stay healthier.

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness”.


Pass this on with Love,



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