Healthy and sexy after a Hysterectomy PART 2

An update on how CBD oil has helped to heal my complication from a hysterectomy I had 9 years ago.

So I left off with my journey through a hysterectomy.  First off let’s get this straight a hysterectomy is just a nicer way to say castration.  

hysterectomy: a surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus.                                   Castration: oophorectomy  (redirected from Female castration) surgical removal of the ovary.

Most times the word castration is used for the removal of the male testicles but we will call a duck a duck in this article.   I have had a lot of problems since I had my castration.  I lost all sexual feelings and have yet to have it come back.  The women I have talked to and have seen on a popular website online, have all stated the same issue.   WE have lost the biggest part of who we are.  And most of us if we had been told the side effects of this surgery would NEVER HAVE DONE IT!!!!  

I was not one who asked for a castration I was only there to get a fibroid removed and yet my doctor took it upon her heartless self to castrate me in the name of money.  It’s hard not to harbor hatred for someone who so callously took my womanhood.

I have heard women say that they loved that it had helped them not have a period but when asked how their sex life is they usually look down at their shoes and mumble… ” I don’t have one”.  I am happy to report that there are GYN’s who are seeing that there is no reason to take a woman’s womb when there is nothing life threatening going on.  I wish I had found one of those doctors.  Since I did not, and I had a woman doctor who cared nothing for the female body I was left looking into healing myself of this horrible scar on and in my body.

OK, rant is over for now and I am sure I am not the only one who lives with this nightmare every day.

In my last article, I was talking about trying CBD oil for the painful symptoms I have from this surgery.  I really looked deeply into the different products out there for the use on a woman’s vagina.  I can tell you there are not very many of them, only three that I could find.  I am sure there are more but there is no information out there yet published for women to find.   I could only find three products that could be used on the delicate female vagina.

Sensation to any body part requires proper nerve conduction and adequate blood flow. Many nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments are severed to remove the uterus. The uterus and its ligaments themselves are rich sources of blood supply. As a result, sensation to the vagina, clitoris, labia, and nipples can be diminished by hysterectomy. This loss of sensation can hamper sexual function. You can read more about what has happened to the female body after a Hysterectomy on the website I included below.

I can tell you this has caused me some very angry moments every time I find more out about the complication of a hysterectomy.  The doctor should have the human compassion to educate their patients on the complications this surgery can cause their patient.

My journey into the CBD oil world has shown me some very miraculous healings.

Humans actually have cannabinoid receptors in the brain and nerves, in the liver and in certain cells of the immune system, and in many areas of the body, about which we are just beginning to understand and learn. The current understanding is that there are two such receptors, cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB2). These receptors are activated by cannabinoids. So our bodies are actually hardwired (so to speak) for the use of medicinal plants that contain cannabinoids.

Cannabis, specifically the cannabinoids cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinoid (CBD), (CBC) and THCV, stimulate bone growth and may be able to prevent osteoporosis after menopause. A synthetic drug that activates CB2 receptors prevented bone loss after surgical menopause, suggesting women that undergo surgical menopause should use cannabis. I recommend that you find organic all natural CBD, as they use the whole plant, not synthetic CBD which only uses an isolated chemical that is mass-produced in a laboratory.

I bought two of the CBD oil products and tried each one for at least two weeks to see how my body would react.  I always try a new cream not matter what it is on the inside of my elbow to make sure I have no allergies to it.

The first product was the maker Apothecanna called: Sexy time personal intimacy oil.  I really loved the smell and the texture.  It was super slippery and silky, I loved the way it cooled and soothed down under as well.  It is a bit on the pricey side but a little bit goes a long way. I would recommend that you use this with a partner because it was not easy to put on by yourself.  What’s cool is that it can be used anywhere on the body so it wasn’t a waste of money.  I will include their website for this product down below.

Second product by Sisters of the Valley:  CBD Topical salve, I  had this around since I started my journey with CBD for my Lyme disease Pain.  I have used this for my dog’s very dry nose as well, but never thought to use it down below.  I loved this product because they use nothing but food grade organic oils.  It smells strong of nature and lavender I got used to the scent pretty quickly.  It is much thicker as it has a base of Organic coconut oil.  I was so surprised how well it worked. I loved the easy way you can apply it and it stays where it is put all day long.  I did not feel greasy and there is this nice rush of heat not hot just warm and cool at the same time when you put it on.  If I had to guess I would say that is because of the increase of circulation the CBD oil brings into that area.

This product had me feeling like my old self before my castration. Not to get too TMI here but if you have some atrophy going on… it does smooth out and become softer and plumper.

Yes mentally I am still having issues, but at least my womanly parts are feeling fantastic.  I am very optimistic that this is healing so much more than I realized I had issues with.  I am extremely happy with how CBD oil is working for me!!

I hope my story can help other women out who are having issues after their hysterectomy, it isn’t fair what happens to you, and even irresponsible that you were not educated to know what could happen.  I can tell you that I am very excited on what I  am finding out and experiencing.




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