Stop, look and Listen!

Sometimes we are being creative but we are to busy to see the progress we have going on.

I got up this morning wondering what will I write about today?  I thought I was having writer’s block because I didn’t have anything to tell about what I am going through.   Once again I got a great thought from Kyle as he talked today about how he was in a float tank and how it helped him out.  He talked how he was thinking about what he was going to make a video about, yet the longer he laid there the more those thoughts just faded away. He allowed his mind to just go through all the thoughts and then he felt the answer come to him.  His thought was about expanding on what he is already doing.

As a writer, I do the same thing… I was taught in school that I needed to come up with an idea, it had to have a beginning a middle and an ending. Don’t forget the problems the solutions and the twisted plot.  Life is a lot like a writer’s story. Huh?  When you write from your heart that goes against all that I was trained to do. Yet when I allow my mind to have its say and wear its self out, my heart came to the rescue. My mind chatter seemed to just disappear into the back ground and then I was able to come up with amazing thought.

Or at the very least see what is happening in front of my eyes.  I have been doing some great things,  but not taking much stock in it.  When my mind got quiet I could see that I was already busy on a plan.

I love to teach.  It is a passion I feel deep inside of me.  Yet when I was younger and as I grew into adult hood I was asked what qualified me to teach. This put doubts in my belief that I could teach others what I am learning.  I didn’t have degrees then but I knew in my heart that there were some things I knew that others would like to hear.  

There were many teachers in my life and this is kind of sad to say, but those who had degrees in teaching were not the ones I learned very much from.  Sure they knew their subject but when it came to bringing it to real life it never made it there for me.  I learned from what I sought, investigated and found out by myself. Then there were others who had no formal teachings and just had that spiritual connection, who seemed to know more than those who learned from books in school.  I know more now then I learned in high school.  What I learned in school seems like it was a waste of time, and as I am finding out that most of what was taught were wrong.  

I have been working on a Holistic Health Facebook page. I haven’t liked the name so it has changed thought-out the years.  I have struggled with what I wanted this page to accomplish in the way of helping others.

I have been on this 100 days meditation and writing a blog.  I found that I am seeing more creativity come up as I heal my past limited, fear based thoughts.  I took a leap last night at 8 pm I changed the name of my Facebook page as well as ordered some new business cards with the new name.  I felt so excited and light, I loved the name and it seemed right, as I allowed my heart to take over and change things for me those limited fear based thought I had disappeared.  I have had a few consults about herbal remedies but I wanted to do more than just have folks contact me for what they thought would be a miracle one pill wonder. The media, school and other social commodities have taught us that we should look to the pill for healing.  Our bodies have become like an automobile to doctors.  There is no thought taught in medical school that this body is much more than just a shell.

There is no such miracle pill out there!  That is why modern medical practice is failing, it is failing the people miserably.   Our medical society doesn’t make money on well people, and the content in the medical books are lacking so much information.  I could go into more but that is not what this blog is about. By the way …this is my opinion and that is OKAY, after all, I have been through I do not like nor trust in our medical community.

I have been studying for years how to educate people on healing themselves that includes forgiving and love themselves.  Not only in Body but in mind and spirit as well.  I see the awakening of more and more people, it feels so good to be able to help them lose that fear based belief that they have been taught all their lives.  I give them the knowledge on how to love, have hope and that they have the power to heal themselves.  I believe Love and education about the wild edibles, herbs and whole organic foods out there can change this world to heal, and to do this all one must do is learn to love the hell out of themselves.  Your job is to heal all those past hurts, limited beliefs and give your body those good things so it can heal the whole that is you!

So with that being said… I changed my Facebook name into an announcement about how I  teach and help others to find their health naturally.

I will be promoting it here soon and I want to set up group teaching in person, it’s time to start the teaching of healthy ways to get the mind, body, and spirit back in the normal state it can be.  YOU were not born sick!! And if you were born into this world sick, there are ways to get you back to a healthy state. I believe that the universe, God, Goddess, Lord, Angels, Buddha, creator of this here planet earth, or what ever you call the spirit world, gave us everything that we needed to heal every known and unknown sickness in this world.

My boy sent me a great song this morning and I am here dancing in my chair and typing.  It’s a great feel good song.  I love when people share those good happy vibes.  I love to listen to music and dance.  We need to act out those feelings. I am sitting here dancing in my chair and letting those spirit bumps course through my blood and dance across my soft skin.  That is what life is all about those wonderful vibrations of energy dancing in our body.  We are amazing creations I am saddened that we are taught to ignore the most amazing beings we are.  You are amazing…..get up and move, feel that love out there, and no it isn’t there in another person, it is right there dancing all around you. I look forward to helping folks learn how to reach out and tap into that energy!

When we meditate and talk to our heart and then listen, we get to stop and see that we are changing and rearranging our lives for the better.

I am so excited about this new adventure I am on.  It feels so good and I enjoy every single moment I get;  like the sad and slow times, I am learning how to celebrate those times as well.  I am looking forward to all the Good and the Ugly.

Fuzzy blanket hugs,


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