Dreamy State of Mind

Out of body feeling today. I am in a dreamy kind of way.

Dreamy state of mind


My WordPress site wouldn’t work today so I am on the old standby, the google document.  It’s ok I do not work all that well today either.  I feel like I am in a very dreamy kind of way.  I am not quite focused on any one thing. I feel sleepy and not awake today.  


I have been thinking about my mom these past couple of days.  She has Alzheimer’s and even though she is on this earth, she is somewhere where I can not reach her at times.  Where does the spirit go I wonder when we have such a sick body.  There are times when I look into her eyes and she is not there, you can feel it.  Then in the next moment there she will be looking at you like she is seeing you for the very first time.  


I dream very vivid dreams, I see the most beautiful colors, I heal people, fight demons, fly, love and do things I would here on earth.  I dream of my mom and she is in her 30’s and she looks rested and happy.  I feel her here even though the place she lives is a 45-minute drive from my home.  Why do we feel the things we feel.  I have always had that gift to feel everything that is going on with me.  

Yesterday as I was heading to the store I looked at my husband and told him we have an early fall coming this year.  He asked how do you know?

 Dare I tell him that the locus tree we passed told me so.  I at first floundered around and try to tell him the leaves look like an early fall is coming.  Then I remember that I am learning to be my authentic self… so I said, “the locus tree told me”.  

I was shocked as he said matter of factly, OK.  

WHAT?  You are all right with that answer, he answered that is who you are.


So where does momma go when she is not there behind those eyes, does she dance on the clouds with my sister, her mother, and father?  Does she rise from her body and look around the room knowing that she is ok and that this is what she came here to experience?  I would love to think that.   

As I meditate and get deeper into my own being, I have messages come through that tell me that we are very close to those who have moved on to the other side.  I see in my mind the world, not unlike this one, but without hate, jealousy, hardships, illnesses, and disconnect.  


I feel out of sorts today, I feel like I am connected to much, more than this computer, the chair I sit or the words I type, I feel like I am not here nor there.  I will sit here and just be not here nor there.


Sometimes it is OK just to let go and feel.  To listen and be there.  I will be back with more I am sure.


From me to you,


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