Please be you, because you are, reality.

This is the awakening, drop what you are doing, step outside of the forced reality you are in… and breath

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There was a new video by Kyle Cease about how much of a delusion reality is.  I will include you tube link down on the bottom of the page.   I have to tell you it tickled me to pieces!!  It is like Kyle got into my head and said what I have been saying and believe for years.  Yet when ever I said it I was prosecuted, I was ridiculed and made fun of, but I would not give that thought.

So here I and my husband are setting for dinner and I don’t like to hear us munch so I usually turn on you tube video of something I didn’t get to see that morning.  I usually watch video’s on the different aspects of healing with all natural medicines.  As luck would have it I had not seen the new video in which I was talking about up above.  I laughed so hard at the expression on my husbands face.  One of the biggest fights we have is my delusion belief in living the now and not worry about tomorrows.  I couldn’t help but look at him with that …. see I told you so, look.  :-)-

It was great and it gave me the best morning after a hard night.  With my Lyme Disease which doesn’t like me to exercise and eat well because it gives my body the strength to kick its ass.  I usually get the one two at night from this disease.  WHY we have to be sicker at night than during the day I may never find out till I reach the other side.

I hated this morning and instead of going with that thought I laid there and said from my heart.  I am ok with staying in this bed all day long and not doing one thing.  My mind was mad at this.  I could feel the anger and resentment of me lying in my bed angry because I was just accepting my thought and loving it.  My mind was like get up you have this and that and you wanted to do this and that and you’re being lazy, and how about you get a job and get this and that done.  As I stood outside of my mind I am like thinking YOUR CRAZY!  Stop it!! I made myself just lay there and feel that anger.

I didn’t need to find out where it was coming from I already knew.  I finally felt it ease up and release.  I got up made my mushroom tea and sat down to write.  I was amazed that I felt so energized.  I  decided to get breakfast and then maybe write after that, but I didn’t stop at breakfast.  I started making my colloidal silver, and I wanted to get the house all cleaned up, got the dishes done, went outside and picked some weeds and cleaned up the yard. I started my green juice today as well as had half an avocado for lunch.  I am just now after 6 hours sitting down to write.

I went from not feeling like I wanted to do anything and had no drive to,  to cleaning like a mad woman, getting way more done than I thought I would.  I can’t believe that laying there and loving that thought made it go away.  I have been doing this for a while and it still amazes me at how much meditating is helping me to heal away old thoughts and hurts.


Serious part:

I have a bit of a sad subject to bring up here.  I know as a person who suffered from depression most of my teen and adult life, that there are those who feel like there isn’t  any way outside that dark and lonely road.  I was talking to my son today who lost a fellow co-worker to suicide.  He also took a call for a person suffering from depression that wanted help but not to go to an ER.   ER’s are not set up to help those who need a listening ear.  I would rather have died than go to any ER or hospital. Please take all those who talk about depression or suicide very seriously.  I speak for myself, all I needed was just one person to look me in the eyes and really listen.  There are wonderful places out there that are just waiting to hear how you are doing ready and help you get the resources you need.

No One should make you feel minimalized in what you are feeling.  It is great that we have people who are awakening and sending that love out there.  But we still have a world controlled by Big Pharma who looks at you like a dollar bill.  If you can’t find a doctor who wants to get you off the meds that make depression worse… please find another doctor or holistic health practitioner.  They are out there!!

I am off to do a bit more meditation.  We got a little bit of a rain here and now that I got my blog done I can sit and listen to my heart beat and feel my lungs take in oxygen.  Hope you are having a really peaceful day.

Fuzzy bear hugs,



Resources for suicide prevention:

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