UPDATE: on my 100 day meditation, blogging challenge

An update on my journey to wellness.


Well here I am at the first of July!  My goodness how time has flown and I have seen more changes in my life after these here two months.  I am calmer, I have more love in my heart and I am seeing some real healing in my health.  I am seeing more of everything.  I am happy where I am and if I am not then I acknowledge it and say ” and I love that”.   I love having my meditation time too!

So here is an update on all that I have been doing and what has changed.

  1. Meditating morning and night doesn’t matter the time sitting.  I may have longer times than others.
  2. I am not having the panic attacks I once was.  I have found that if I get overwhelmed or try to push myself to do things I don’t want to I get panic attacks.
  3. I drink mushroom tea every morning, I eat whole foods, all organic and no prepackaged foods.  I do not eat at ANY FAST FOOD restaurants.  I find mom and pa places who use organic grass-fed meats, vegis and no prepackaged foods.
  4. I take cbd oil for pain and to help me with my hormones. I take Results RNA allergy relief,  I am starting on Food for the Immortals Longevity Drops, and I take from Results RNA Lyme Disease supplements. Magnesium Magnesium Magnesium, I can’t say that enough. I will include the links to these places down below.
  5. I am sleeping much better since I started to heal my inner child and taking away the limited thinking I once had.  I love to break up with routine.
  6. My fear that I had is starting to disappear.  It is so crazy what once was so scary to me is just melting away.
  7. I talk to my heart day and night.  I go out to a far away room and I talk out loud to my heart then I listen…. My heart has great advice.
  8. I do the Kylagel exercise that Kyle Cease and one of his buddies created.  It WORKS!! Link is below.
  9. I took all distractions from my life,  I limited my TV time to two hours, I use Social media for when I post my blogs or look to keep up with my Holistic care.  I love it!
  10. I am exercising using dance and steps.  There are days I can’t and those days I accept and love it.  Then when I can get back to them I do.  NO PRESSURE OR GUILTING YOURSELF!! I mean it!!

Life can be good and you can get rid of the limited thinking you once had.  I am so glad that I found my way to those who teach us how to love being in our own skin.  Your body was meant to heal all it needs is the tools to do it.  You are not made to be sick.

Please read the whole article I have shared the link below but I wanted to share this one part of the article that is truly scarier than what you see on the evening News.

There are, unfortunately, dark and powerful forces at work which are trying to keep us from realizing our true potential, our true evolution to a higher consciousness. They are spreading death energy across the planet. They do so by controlling our food and money supply. They are the inventors of NPK agriculture, which is based on growing crops with a bare minimum of three elements: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). This technique came out of the successes they had had in World War One with nitrogen bombs. Plants grown with NPK cannot survive in nature because she sends a ‘clean-up crew’ of insects and fungi to dispose of these weak organisms. That’s why the crops are ‘treated’ with pesticides, which in turn are a variation of nerve gas.

Thus an unnatural product is kept artificially alive using war chemistry. As a result, we develop a structural mineral (and therefore Ormus) deficiency and ingest dangerous toxins which mess with our hormonal and nervous system. The diseases caused by this are then ‘treated’ with even more war-based chemicals. Like chemo therapy, for instance, which is nothing more than a variation of mustard gas.

Genetic engineering of crops such as corn, cotton, canola and soy is done to alter the natural genetic blueprint of these crops so they can be patented. This is done by making the plant sick using a cancer or virus to penetrate the plant’s DNA. Animals don’t fare much better. Millions of cows, pigs and chickens are kept in circumstances which would normally cause the animals to drop dead on their feet. Yet with medication, growth hormones and synthetic minerals they are kept alive long enough to be sent to the slaughter-house. This process happens so quickly that many animals are skinned alive. The suffering of these animals defies description and you end up with sick plants and animals and death energy on your plate. Is this the kind of ‘food’ you’d like to eat? Is it any wonder only 5% of the world population are free thinkers?

It’s time to wake up and see what is happening around you.  Let go of  your limited beliefs, stop the distractions and live that whole life you came here to live.

Love and hugs










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