“And the award for best mistakes goes to”….. Me!!!

I am celebrating my mistakes, I get more for them! Blowing kisses!!

Good morning you lovely lady, ahh the beginning of the week and a week of rest and relaxing as I find my way through another week of self-discovery.  I have been thinking this morning, as I make my mushroom tea, on all the ways I have grown this past week.

The first being I didn’t watch one hour of tv!! Woe that is something I thought I  would never do, and you know what it was great.  No drama, no reality tv, no mini series, no news and no heat coming off the tv to warm up my living room.  Which is good because we had some 100 degree days there.  In fact, I feel like I have been in the mountains with no distractions.   I am enjoying the rain we get in the afternoons that cool us down for the nights.

ce642ca078545034bf3f06d4860033e4.jpg (600×779)

It’s strange but I feel more like the old me now more than I did before I started this journey, yet I am stronger and don’t stress and feel I need to make life better for anyone other than me.  I can stand outside and look into my life and see where I was taught to forget myself and do for others. I have found that when I do for ourselves it is an automatic outcome that I will affect others in a good way.  “Do on to others as you would have them do unto you”… I think that if you are really connected with yourself you will see that that can be a big mistake.  When you give and care for yourself you will do the same for your fellow-man.

Look at it this way, how can you care for someone else when you have no idea how it feels to be taken care of;  that goes for love, understanding, basic needs and everyday goodness.  If you are treating everyone else with kindness and love and yet you have not had that first, would it not then turn around and be felt as resentment? If I am not getting back what I am giving then you better believe I will feel resentment down the road.  That is human feeling 101.  There isn’t one of us born to be ugly and hateful, there are traits of the mentally ill where the mind has a deformity but in the general sense we all have the remembrance and good brain to know we came from love.  Ahhh hah the moment that you realize that you need to take care and love you, then becomes the moment you start to heal the inner child that you are so connected with and needs that care, but became disconnected somewhere in your past life journey! confused… it will get sorted out soon, trust me.

calvin-hobbes-quote-life-good-sayings-pictures-pics-e1446040516201.jpg (500×377)

The bigger issue is that we are trying to always stay one step ahead of hurt, messing up, failure and fear.  It’s too bad that we treat the hick ups in life-like they are bad things instead of, treating our mess-up with esteem and reverence.  How wild would our world be if we look at our biggest goof up’s as the greatest achievements in our life story?  Ahh, __your name here_ for that royal mess up you get the best you could be in that moment award.  WE are so proud!! confetti guns going off and champagne being popped.   I want a t-shirt as well commemorating the moment, how about you? The freedom to laugh at one’s misfortune is indeed a great gift to give one’s self.  To not care what others think is another glorious victory.

tumblr_mujkbwai3v1qc9scyo4_1280.jpg (1024×640)

I have found that letting go of the control of what the outcome of my life should be has helped to stop the panic attacks I was having.  Once I realized that I can not stop the outcome from point An of pointing B, then I had to focus on just being in the moment and enjoying the journey.

Of course, I could have been in a foul mood and present the whole time, but where would that have gotten me?

The loss of a romantic partner is not the end of the world, it is just a growing time and we are to find a new love that complements us better.  How can you learn about love if you are in a relationship of hate??  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

So as I am typing this and really getting into my deeper thoughts, the neighbors started up with the fireworks, I don’t hate fireworks but they do get on my dog’s nerves, which gets on my nerves.  I have one pup that was shot and he has a real big fear of fireworks.  It is so bad for him that he stands on my lap and cries.  I wish the folks would just shoot them off on the one day we have designated them to be late on.  Yet I can not control how they think or what they do.  I closed all the windows and put on some soothing music and have calmed the dog down.

I could be an asshole and call the police like they have nothing better to do than to come out here and remind the kids that it’s not the fourth of July yet.  Why make the situation into a big old mess and drag our men and women of the blue out and have them pulled away from a something way more important.

That too is how we need to look at the thoughts in our minds.  Why go down the road of escalation when we can look at the situation, with a cool calm approach.  If it is making you angry, dig deeper and ask it why.  Odds are that it is a past experience bubbling up to the surface for you to face… where is your sense of adventure??  Face that baby head on!

I am getting weird about these bubble times, when I feel out of sorts I find that I stop and step up to the problem.  I find that every one of those bubble troubles that come up gets me closer and closer to the happiness I love to have happened in my life.   Where’s my t-shirt and roses… I did it again, another difficult moment in my past has been healed.

15-times-calvin-and-hobbes-reminded-you-to-never--2-26020-1448026646-6_dblbig.jpg (625×415)

Go forth and conquer that mountain that is you, go out with the thought of love and humor as your armor.

Want to change the world then start with you first.  Hey here’s a great idea how about instead of getting mad and angry at your screw up’s you give yourself a huge pat on the back or a nice little treat.  It can be a crystal or what ever makes your eyes sparkle.  How about two thumbs up in the bathroom mirror.

I went out and purchased some washable markers and I write myself notes on my mirror, words of encouragement or something inspiring, that way when I am standing there with my hair all messed up and sheet creases on my cheeks I can see the lovely messy me in great ways.   Let us start sharing these with our kids as well.  From here on Messing up is way better than accomplishments.  here here!!

calvin-hobbes-gods-image.png (600×190)

Love you be good to your self.


References: Cartoons by Bill Watterson

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