“I see the light” from the movie Tangled was playing softly from someone’s radio at the Lake tonight.  I was playing with the little perch and watched as a boat and skier went up and down the water way.  The skier was yelling whoo hoo and having a blast.  What was really incredible was as the sun started to set the folks beside us lit paper lanterns and let them fly up into the sky.   How very magical it all felt with the song and the lanterns reflection dancing across the water and the dark clouds as a back drop. 20170624_203612 (2)

The emotions that came up tonight were of longing and yet that feeling that you are where you are meant to be.  I long for the single hug and the companionship of a kindred spirit.  I know there is a special someone out there for us all, we already have them in our lives even if they are not in the same zip code.  Yet we talk to them and share our journeys with each other.  They may be our best-est friend in the whole world and we just know that they are always there.  Some days you speak to them a lot, other days you may have a day or two passes by with no word.  IN you heart you feel them, you think of them when you see something that touches your heart and you can’t wait to share what you discovered.

The folks that were lighting the lanterns had one young woman start to cry and there were candles set near the shore.  I would guess it was a send off of a loved one that has transitioned to the spirit world before this young lady was ready to let that someone leave.  I felt my own losses bubble up to my throat and the tears came to my eyes.  How beautiful to watch the lanterns float up into the clouds to then go dark and come to rest in the calm lake waters below.  Life is a wonderful thing and if we stop for a moment and look around we can see that there are many messages all around us.  Life and love move in and out like your breath.

The reflection of the light on the water from the sun going down made a path of pink, it has that hidden adventure feeling there.  The spirit sees it as a place to go and explore but the limited mind thinks that there is no way you can dance across the surface of this water.  I have found that there are many such thoughts that I have ignored; that my inner child would have loved to just sit and daydream about. As I turn off the distractions and get more out of my old thinking I find more and more of my whimsical me come shining through.  When did I forget to dream and imagine?  Why have I forgotten to play in my own minds and enjoy the little reprieve?   Want a vacation? Sit on a rock and have at it.

Note to self-more imagination time. 20170624_203617

Since I have stopped watching tv I find that I am finding that little girl that I lost a long time ago.  I see things that I didn’t before.  The sky looks different and I find that I have a child like a wonder again.  I laugh more and make fun of things that I know will not matter in a month or a year down the road.  I feel like I have awoken from a bad dream.  Do you know it is fun to now find something to do without the tv?   I think  I may disconnect it… but what about football season?  Ooooh, Maybe I better not get too radical here.

When you connect with your inner you, you don’t think about what you said or didn’t say.  You live with your heart and you speak with your heart.  I know that what I speak is my truth and I don’t look to say something that will impress or may be offensive to someone else. If your living from your heart you won’t offend anyone, but you may be a reality slap they were needing.    I had no idea how much I would not say or make sure I said that would gain me approval.  It doesn’t matter anymore, I am real with me and that comes off real to those around me.  How did I not see that sooner I wonder now?

A change of subject here and some great news:

I have a baby coming…. I am so excited to get her.  Her name is Nightingale NN-1.  This baby will be a teacher and healer for me; I will be able to use her leaves and bud to make my own medicines; like our ancestors did.  She is very special and it took me a long time and lots of investigating to be able to find her.  I have been reading up on the different plant’s strains and I finally felt a connection to her.  I believe that plants come to us in our time of need and if we are open we will find one another.  Plants are here to make us healthy and to help us enjoy our time on this earth better.

How amazing that we can grow a plant that not only can make our lands more fertile but can also heal so many illnesses.  Plus she is good for preventing illnesses too.  That our body and this plant makes these cannabinoids are amazing,  I love to learn everything I can about this marvelous plant.   I am so blessed to live in a state where that is happening because of the people recognizing the medicinal value of the cannabis plant. It saddens me that the men who look to make only money will go to any lengths to discredit a healing plant.  It makes you wonder if oregano or any other herbs will be the next victim.

The strain’s name is a tribute to Florence Nightingale who is regarded as the founder of modern nursing. Nightingale (NN-1) is a highly effective and all-around great medicinal CBD strain that is worth growing if you want potent medicine with only little THC. Her relaxing effect makes her a good choice for a wide range of ailments.

She is medicine when I am sick but she is nutrition when I am wanting to keep illness away.  How special is it that we can grow and love plants that are made to help us heal and keep us from becoming sick.

I know there are still doubters out there, they have drunk of the Kool-aid and believe this plant to be a gate way drug.  The cannabis plant was breed to have high concentrations of THC and little of the healing CBD, after it was found guilty by our Government, to be a beneficial medicine. It was patent and then sentenced to as a SCHEDULE 1 (CLASS I) DRUG; are illegal because they have high abuse potential, no medical use, and severe safety concerns; for example, narcotics such as HeroinLSD, and cocaine. Marijuana is also included as a Class 1 drug despite it being legal in some states and it is used as a medicinal drug in some states.. what???

Patent No. 6,630,507: Why the U.S. government holds a patent on cannabis plant compounds?

U.S. Patent No. 6,630,507 covers the potential use of non-psychoactive cannabinoids — chemical compounds found within the plant species cannabis sativa — to protect the brain from damage or degeneration caused by certain diseases, such as cirrhosis.

Then the government started a smear campaign to make sure everyone was taught to forget its healing abilities and become an evil substance we.   Now look into this and read don’t take my word for it…. but really look and read into it.  WE the people need to be re-educated about a lot of things.

Yeah, I have preached this sermon before and yes I will continue to preach it till we get the right information out there!!   Now remember this I was raised with a cop for a father, and a military mother; and I was against cannabis big time, yet there was no information out there and all I saw was those who smoked the high THC strain.  I can not handle THC and there are a lot of us out there that can’t, that’s why there are special growers bring back the high CBD plants.  I have a lot of info to share on this but I’ll let you read up on it down below.   Lets put the healing back into the hands of the individual.  As the individual, it is our right to educate and help with our own healing.

I will be back with more on this at a later date.  It is time for bed and I am need of some sleep.   I can’t wait to tell you of my adventures with my new little plant life.  Until later.

Give yourself a big hug and a smile.



Pictures by: Me

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