I’m staring in my own MOVIE??

There has been a subject around my house for the last week now. It’s what I call the non-human movement, it came about when I got my head out of social media and took time in nature. It’s been over three weeks that I have turned off the news, deleted my twitter account and only use my face book to share herbal subject matter. I feel so much better yet I am also awakening to see a terrible disconnect in the human-being.  I know I am a spiritual being having a human experience but what are we “F-ing” doing??   I wrote that question yesterday.

I am having an epiphany today, brought on from practicing meditation by Blair Robertson and listening to my favorite comedian guru, Kyle Cease.  The video I watched today talked about death and what if life were just a movie.

I’m in a movie, that I write and direct??

I grew up in the 80’s era. I feel like I was very lucky to be raised in an era where we looked like clowns but thought we were all that and a bag of chips.  I loved that our music was the big hair bands pop, and electronics.   I thought it was a great time but now I’m seeing a turning point where this is when the biggest disconnect to human compassion started.

Let us look at this time and thought in a movie format. The movie I was hoping for was happy I wanted to add some comedy a good dose of romancing, a few sexy pirates and the morals of  Forrest Gump, yet I find that my mind has made my movie a mass of horror and drama, due to the limited thinking I have been taught all my life.

The only way to get away from this limited thinking is if  I could just rewrite my movie to go with what I know now.  If you don’t like the way the movie is going,  can I really change it?  It’s my movie so I guess I can. I’ve notice from watching my past movie that I  checked out in so parts, i delt with it by fear and drinking too much or how about some prescription drugs from the depression I was dealing with, it was easy to get some meds from my doctor. I found it hard to fight against my earlier thoughts when I had the teachings of hell and damnation hanging over my head. How about a misdiagnosed desease?  Yet as I am awakening to my own feelings and seeing the hypocritical way the world works, I’ve found that I have a choice. I can check out of My movie aka life, but how about this, I am the writer and producer, how about changing up my movie. I can even change it to what I want.  COOL!!

So I can rewrite how I deal with other peoples movies as well, hummm this is getting pretty exciting.  All day today I went through my daily things and thought this is my movie and I can do what ever I want.  I can be a hero or I can be a victim.  I chose Hero!! I have the powers to laugh at stupidity in a single bound.  I can ignore those who think they are better than me.  I have the power to shut out those who are nothing but negative nancy’s or Debbie Downers.  Snarkism is not able to penetrate my steel of humor!

I love the idea that when we lose some one to the other side, it was really just that their part in my movie is over and when I get done acting out my scene,  they will be standing outside of the scenery,  we all get to meet up and go to IHop for breakfast.

If we don’ like the character we are playing, who is to say we can’t kill them off in a word sense, change the character to the one we want?    I don’t know about you but good gravy, how would this not be the best thing to teach the masses that are not awake, or still have no faith in themselves?

If you knew that once you made it through your movie that all your loved ones were behind the stage or scenery and waiting on you, would you make different choices? How about this ,your life is just like it is now but there is no time and place, no poverty, no illness, no sadness, no depression, pain, hurt or non compassion.

What do I mean about awakening.  I feel awakening is when you can see the hurt of others in this world, even the hurting of our world and want to do something to make it better. The only way though to help this world is to pay attention to what we are doing.  I feel like we don’t take the time to talk to one another, we talk at one another but we don’t hear. Our movies are one-dimensional and our character is talking and going about our business all alone.  The one we married may be there but is on the other side of the room or house and we hardly say two words to one another.  We have been so hurt by them that we see them as just another obstacle to get around without causing drama.  I have seen it so many times, there will be someone sharing their experience in their life and those who should be listening, talk over them, or just plan out ignore them.  An email goes unanswered, a call doesn’t get returned.  WHY?  Why would you want to treat others like you wouldn’t like to be treated? If your character had this happen in the movie you can bet your sweet hinnie you’d say something about it.  There you are sitting there,  doing a your movie that gets a bad review, it’s boring or there is too much sadness not enough dialogue no witty retorts.  WAKE up!! your messing up your movie because you stopped caring how your character  interacts with other characters, you stop laughing or screaming, there is no happy times or angry times, you stopped acting aka living.

ec685b9ae65c229bedae98e20aa4e460.jpg (236×333)

I want My movie to be like the minions, the laughter and the way you can do what ever you want and not worry about what others will think.  I’ll throw some three stooges in when I go driving anywhere. I want a romance that keeps people talking every time they see us together,  of course there will have to be life lessons in there.  How about some magic  and fantasy. I don’t want to do what is normal in society standards.  I love to watch Disney channel and the Ghost adventures.  My movie is about finding the funny in my ups and downs.  I’ll have a church that teaches us to love and except one another no matter what they may be doing.  How about a for real having human emotions Jesus?! 

Yet we find that some how we get those moments in life that throw that kink in, the happy little plot twist. Instead of looking at them as flaws, set backs, mistakes, we should  look at them as character builders.  I need people to know my background where I came from or how I made it through some hairy times.   Take for instance people’s driving….


I love our Fellow face book Colorado State Trooper who is nice enough to take time out of his day to answer those old silly questions like how can I get out of those pesky speeding tickets, or my favorite how do I avoid going off the road when its slick out there.  He puts it very simply, yet you have those people who do the speeding on both accounts, say mean and nasty things on his post. Really? This is just comic relief and instead of taking offense how about you laugh.  Those who want to post that stuff, showing the world that their less than smart, well that’s how their movie goes.  I love it and will laugh and then get up and go get some more popcorn, maybe we put a pause here for dramatic effects.  LAughing out loud.

04aacc1f4df31ee8eeac67ad68708b0f.jpg (750×679)

I was at the barbers the other day with my husband.  As I sat and waited for him to get his hair cut I listen as a very nice lady having her hair done told us about her healing journey. My movie watches as she is  talking about all the illnesses she is dealing with. Of course my character is all about the natural approach on healing the body, but my movie was missing something;  not one person on the staff said much to her.  They worked on her hair and others went on with their daily chores.  I look at her and smiled I asked her about what she was doing to help herself heal.  The look on her face was of great gratitude. I realized as I left the shop how much she just wanted to be heard.   I gave her my name and number but I don’t expect her to call me.  I know she just needed to be listen to and told  that yes she was doing really good.  Her movie needed someone to care at that moment.

My character loves to help people and I love to share my knowledge on how to heal with food, music, herbs and essential oils.  I am always willing and I can be very powerful when someone is in need of love or compassion.  I have other powers too I just haven’t written them into my movie yet.

Why have we become so afraid to talk to one another? Is it too hard to write in a paragraph or heck how about just wing it conversations? It’s like if we say something to that person they will look at us as if we have lost out mind or follow us from here till eternity.  Really? I don’t feel the need to follow the older gentleman that makes a joke in the check out line.  Yet there are some people I have come across  and tried to talk to that froze and looked at me as though I had pulled a granade out and pulled the pin.    Would you follow someone around if they showed you a little bit of compassion? Well maybe if your character is a serial killer than yep you would.  Thank goodness we don’t see to many psychos out there.

Today I got on face book for a minute to update my profile picture to a silly snap chat motorcycle dude. Watch out for our bike riders please.  Yea it’s memorial day yet why do we have to put the typical sad memes? Why can’t we celebrate our fallen heroes with a laugh and smile.  Here’s to you, you wonderful men and women who wrote in your movie to selflessly share your life to bring freedom to me and mine!

My movie took a deep and dark plot twist a couple of months ago.  No I didn’t write it in but since it was my daughters movie my character had to deal with the new direction. I can’t help what others write about me in their movie but I can direct the path on how I will deal with it. I can become angry and resentful or I can walk away and hope they find their way back into my movie the way I dreamed they would.

I see so many of the same movies out there anymore. The plot  I see is where Mom and Dad hate each other yet they are sticking it out for the kids, and they have given up on their movie so they settled. The kids are learning what, by seeing two miserable people together.  I didn’t like my mom and dads movie, the fighting the stress of being around them.  I have my issues with my husband but I wrote in a scene the other day where I had and also gave him the option to go his own way.  We will see what develops but my movie is much better let me tell ya.

I don’t want to see nor be a part of such dysfunction because I have been taught to fear the repercussion of divorce. Who says what the heck I can do? Nope this is where I write in the romance and let go of the bad romance.  Ohh here’s where I can insert a song a great song… “bad romance”.

Better go get another drink my popcorn is to salty.

The family home is now a war zone and kids have the sense of entitlement, especially with the divorced parents throwing the other under the bus in front of the kids.  Let’s have the parents abuse each other in front of the kids as well, be it verbally or physically.  Wouldn’t it be more loving to walk away and allow one an other that option to find that person who loves them for them, then beings the time you are able to show the kids that love is out there.  Yet that wouldn’t sell tickets would it would it? Not by society standards.

yikes I don’t want my movie to go this way, it’s time to pull the plug… rewrite rewrite!!!

Lets re-teach the church that love is the most important trait out there.  Lets up date the standards on relationship, allow those to find that love, not suppress it with a false fear of a false hell.  Wake up you all.. heaven and hell can be produced here.  Which one you want?

inspiring-movies.jpg (800×533)

There are several scenes I want to edit from my movie but we are not able to are we?  Ok I’ll do better than and I will not repeat that part of the script again..

The Road to Non-human, the movie, is getting pretty ugly out there.  This movie has it where we can turn on a device that keeps us from communicating with one another, sharing our feelings and getting at the very least, a response.

The reviews are in from me and I hate it.  It’s to life-like and I want to have the Disney feel good happy ending.  I feel we shall see more destruction before we see loving construction in more movies.   It’s time to turn off  the distractions like face book, turn off the fake news. It’s time to make time, answer the email, pick up the phones and start to treat our family and friends better.

I will be rewriting my character, to go against the very fabric of those movies that ignore the human need for love.   I am the rebel with a cause. My cause is to help others wake up and see that the character they are playing is the product of limitations and not taking actions to change. My characters will be allowed to choose to be happy in a relationship or to move to a relationship that makes them happy, stop throwing judgements around, worry about how your actions are effecting others, worry about how our inactions are effecting others.

dog-helps-little-girl.jpg (620×629)

Listen to your heart and not what society has taught you.  Look deep inside  of yourself,  for the answers, are not outside of yourself.  No one knows you better than you do. Find those characters that feel right with you, you can have a simple and glorious movie.

Change or rewrite your character here this very day.  I bet you’ll find that you have a great, loving and compassionate person just wait for you, to write yourself the right lines.

life+movie+quotes+(11).jpg (936×936)


Pictures from Pinterest Quicksilver funny meme


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