I want to die naturally!!

Pharmaceutical: Noun- A compound manufactured for the use as a medicinal drug.

Manufacture: Verb – 1. make (something) on a large-scale using machinery

2. invent or fabricate

Herbal medicine: noun- the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants, herbalism.

This has been so far the hardest blog I have written.  As I write these Blogs I find that past and current hurts from the past arise, and I am having to deal with those issues.   My biggest Beef with pharmaceuticals and OTC is that they were designed to only be used for a short time.  Yet as I see it they are being used on the false pretenses of a way to deify death.  I am sure you have heard that we are about the only country that fears Death.  Ohhh that word alone causes PTSD symptoms.  But what if we were to look at death in a totally different light.

Death should be celebrated just like we do with Birth…. yeah that would be great if birth was celebrated.  Anymore as I see it, birth is something you get through.  And as your term comes up it’s ok by medical society to ask for an induced pregnancy. WHY??  Being a woman I am in shock and horror that anyone would want to throw this precious spirit out of the womb.   NOW just stop if you feel you have to say something about a medical emergency!! I am not stupid, I know there arises those times when it is a necessary to induce a pregnancy.  All I am saying is if there isn’t a reason then why the heck would you want to? Birth for me was hard and my kiddos were induced because I was misinformed and I trusted an irresponsible doctor.

So why is birth so important… let’s get back to the magic that is our true nature.  I believe we are spirit having a human experience.  Yet it takes a woman to bring that spirit into this world.  Here  we are as spirit on the other side, we make our plans to come here to earth, we come to learn limitations, patience, to love even when we are hurt, ect.  The mommy we pick, knits a human shell within her body, and is that special portal that brings us into the world.  It doesn’t matter if your mom was or is the best mom, you wouldn’t get here if it weren’t for the female body.  No man is able to bring spirit to this side. So why is the birth of a child becoming just a distraction and a have to do thing?  I shake my head in sadness.

Death is the time when spirit gets to go home.  Home is not HERE.  Death should be natural and beautiful,  Not something to fear and medicate.  I am appalled at how many people die now of medical complications. Look at your local paper. Not many natural deaths out there anymore.

I am seeing friends die from being over burned by radiation for cancers, I have seen people suffer till death when given chemo.  I see people who are dying from drug over doses. Teen suicide is up.  My mother in-law after surgery on her back is in more pain than before. A friend who had surgery on her head for pain in her face has been back-an-forth to doctors with more pain and infections.  Both wish they had never allowed the surgeries.  When someone says that modern medicine is helping us live longer I want to slap the shit out of them.  Wake up!!!

There was a time long long ago when there were only herbal medicines, our great grandmothers wove these wonder foods into miraculous remedies that helped with every little thing.  I remember my mom telling me about how my grandmother and her sisters would be out gathering herbs under the moon light.  My Granny had a tonic for in the spring to detox your body and help to rid you of worms.  If you had a cold she used that which was in her kitchen cabinet or out in the garden to heal you.  All Grandma’s had a garden in those times.  There was a spirit to a granny witch, they had a way of seeing deep in the body, and they knew what was wrong. The touch of a granny witch was as healing as her remedies.  Those super dove soft hands, yet they had the strength of  Hercules in them.

As we progressed as a society, the little granny witches were chastised for the loving herbals they used, or the magical way they healed with a hug or touch.  Women were pushed out of the tepee’s, the family healer and midwife life.  They were made to be afraid of.  Then the quacks came in with their home-made snake oil remedies.  These remedies were most likely to harm you then cure you.  Silver was used for both bacterial and viruses.  Why was it not studied in-depth more?  We had a cure for what ailed us yet we wouldn’t look into a safer way to use silver.  Society became depentant on the science of medicines. The individual was dummied down to not think or question the masses who would become the controllers of the world. The herbal cures were pushed from the main stream, the soda shops and the kitchen. The magic of natural healing became a blackened name and the control of pharmaceuticals became the new god.

Here is a shocker, scientist are starting to see that if you add silver hydrosol a natural remedy to an antibiotic, it keeps the likely hood of resistance down. WHY?  Silver Hydrosol on its own will kill bacterial as well as virus but the way in which it kills is the key!

In 1928, Sir Alexander Fleming observed that colonies of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus could be destroyed by the mold Penicillium notatum. As history would say it was forgotten and then rediscovered in the 1940’s when Howard Florey and Ernst Chain isolated the active ingredient and developed a powdery form of the medicine.  Here is the importance of that statement I want to point out.  They isolated the active ingredient, not that they used the whole properties.  Would this  be why I am so scared of pharmaceuticals>  The isolation of the active component is the worst thing that one can do to a whole chemical make up.  There is a reason why you leave all components of a herb together. They work as a whole to help the whole body to rid it’s self of that which is ailing it.

Drugs can be manufactured in high volume for a cheaper amount.  They take out the active ingredient and then use harmful fillers.  That being said, I must point out that the price of prescriptions has tripled in price even though the manufacturing of the drug is still made the same way. WHY then the price hike?!

  1. Colloidal silver is positively charged; most antibiotics do not carry a strong positive charge. This causes silver to virtually seek out and destroy pathogens, instead of simply having to move around until they happen to bump into each other. This effect is quite appropriately referred to as the “Silver Bullet” effect by Dr. Beck.
  2. Silver kills immediately by oxidizing the pathogen. Antibiotics do not affect viruses at all, and for bacteria will only kill the bacteria when it tries to divide (penicillin type antibiotics) or will prevent the pathogen from dividing (tetracycline type antibiotics). In the first case, it may take the bacteria several days before it attempts to divide; and in the second case the bacteria is not killed at all, but just prevented from replicating. In both cases, the immune system must take care of most or all of the pathogens. With silver, they are killed outright immediately.
  3. Silver is a catalyst. Thus, as soon as a particle of silver has oxidized a pathogen, the pathogen loses its negative charge and floats away, and the silver is free to attack another pathogen. Antibiotics usually bind with the pathogen and for each pathogen destroyed; one particle or molecule of the antibiotic is used up.

These are just one statements on the way silver works.  There are a lot more research papers coming out to back up the wonderful qualities of this natural element.

It has nothing to do with your health or the cure of a disease, it has to do with money.  It is a big marketing scam.  They tell the consumer that they are creating a cure-all pill that will not cure you.  Nor do the truly want it to.  There is big money in keeping you sick.  How ever would they make money on a cure-all pill??  Ahh but I can hear you screaming at me, but they helped save lives and we live longer today.    It is a calculations of the living and those who died added up to make a percentage.  You can do the same thing today in this date and time.  It has to do with how you look at the numbers, and the quality of life.  NO! I do not believe we are better off, because of medicines.  I see that being cleaner, having cleaner water has helped us the most!! Yet here we go with over fluoride and adding chlorine to the water supply.  Fracking has polluted the water in many neighborhoods.

I look at the number of suicides, the deaths from opioids, the death from prescription side effects, the very death count on those who have died from the complications vaccines.  What I see as modern medicine, is just another form of torture, yet the media trouts as life saving.

Oh don’t get me started on the FAKE NEWS out there.  I can’t understand how a prescription drug can be in a lawsuit yet, I still see that they are showing ads for it.  WHAT in Sweet Mother Mary’s name is going on?!

We are living shorter lives than our grandparents. And if you do survive the pharmaceutical mayhem, what kind of life are you having?

I’ll take my mom for an example.  I watch as they drug my mother up everyday in her over priced facility for dementia.  I have watched as they give her the meds the ones that can be used for Alzheimer’s, not that they were created for Alzheimer’s.

I wonder as I cry every time I see the shell that was my momma, what kind of life is it for her being  so drugged that she just sits and stares into space? I am haunted as I remember her fighting not to take the meds.  She tried to hide them, she would say they made her feel bad. Yet I kept thinking that they would help her.  They didn’t, they just made her into a zombie and she progressed faster into her dementia. I fooled myself into thinking I was helping by saving her life.  How much of a life does she have now? I will live with the regret of not getting a second opinion and tried something natural.

Granted I had my own battle of  fighting Lyme that I didn’t find out I had till this year. I was struggling to keep myself going, yet I will question my decision….  I had the knowledge to try something natural anything that would have helped her. So if I couldn’t save her I will educated and work on helping someone else save their Momma or Daddy.

If faced with the same dilemma I  would rather put my face in a river and inhale that cold, crisp water into my lungs.  Ohhh but are we not seeing that very thought come to life.   Take for instance a Look at Robbin Williams, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease that he knew would be painful but also debilitating.  He had the money for the best of cures.  But….  Yet we are seeing that there are ways to treat Parkinson’s with  herbal remedies, Stem Cells or organic diets. I know he suffered with depression, as well as fought drug and alcohol addictions.  Yet it makes you wonder if he just didn’t want to die of complications. Think about this for a moment… if you knew for sure that if you committed suicide you would make it to heaven anyways, would you think about ending your life.  To know you didn’t have to suffer for years with a painful disease.  Or what if you knew that there were natural cure for every single affliction out there.

I have a Will that states NO pharmaceuticals.  I do not want to die from the complications of meds.  I can manage my pain with herbs, I can manage any illness naturally.  I have that right to die naturally.   Insane that I even have to put that out there.  THE RIGHT TO DIE NATURALLY!! Is that the new IN that went out and is back IN?

Love and light

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