Fake Medical Information

In a world of Fake News, (thank you President Trump for that wonderful insight) we are finding that most of that which we have been taught is not correct.  I’ve learned with every new health, super food or medical medication that most of them are not what they seem to be.

As a Holistic Health practitioner I am still learning the rights and wrongs of working with herbs.  An example of this is what I have found in making tinctures with alcohol. I have a very hard time with digesting them, not an over night thing either.  I will find that the tincture will work  for a couple of days or maybe even a week, but I start to have stomach issues, I will get pain, bloating as well as upset stomach, like heartburn or that yuck feeling.   If I stop the tincture I start to feel better from the pain and digestive disorders but the old malaise start-up again.  It’s a catch twenty-two in others words it’s not getting me anywhere.  I want to use the all natural mannerism of healing but if the cure is making you worse how will you ever get well.

It is not just the alcohol either that is causing me stresses on my insides.  I have issues with oils as well.  I take my CBD oil and in 15 to 20 minutes I am burping that up and it takes hours for  me to digest the oil. I am sure you can guess, if you’re not digesting the oil you’re not getting the full benefits of your herbal medicine.  I am left here scratching my head wondering why?

It is these issues that have me researching why I am having the problem.  I stumbled  on or I like to think of it as a gift of information, that happened to come my way today.  If you have been with me on my journey you know I have had a lot of misdiagnosis.  I am finding out through trial and error how to help my body heal.  I was diagnosed this year with Lyme and I have a hard time with this diagnoses.  It has been bothering my thoughts and feelings. If it were Lyme why is it that it has taken twenty or more years to come up that diagnoses, and why didn’t it come up in a blood test, or just because of the symptoms it didn’t red flag the doctors.

Now I am back to thinking this has to have something to do with Epstein Bar virus that I know I had for sure.  I think and Now I am finding out that there is a whole lot more to Epstein Bar virus.  Is what Anthony Williams saying correct… “Lyme is not a bacteria and is a virus?’ He also went on to say ” If you’re experiencing an onset of viral infections and your immune system is unusually weak, you can come down with Lyme symptoms in a matter of days. Much more typically, however, you’ll carry a virus without knowing it’s in your system for years–possibly even decades–before it strikes.”

If that is the case then NO antibiotic is going to help with Lyme.  WAIT A MINUTE>>> I am seeing and hearing that antibiotics are NOT WORKING! for Lyme!

I got an email today from the Medical Medium on Lyme disease.  It was a fifty-five minute lecture on why Lyme is being misused and misdiagnosed!  WHAT?  I thought we were seeing discoveries about Lyme, yet what has been truly happening is an epidemic of hysteria being created instead;  as Anthony William explains it the Lowly Tick is being used as a scape goat!!  close-up-of-a-deer-tick

In his book the  Medical Medium secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal, chapter  16 Lyme disease is a real eye opener.  I have an open mind and I allow myself to really let things sink in and or feel the truth as I call it.  I am intuitive and this really hit home for me.  I really thought I had found an answer to what was causing me to be sick for such a long time.

I don’t believe that the tick is the whole reason for Lyme, not when we see a bullseye rash from spider, bee, hornet, deer fly, or mosquito bites.  I am seeing folks being diagnosed with Lyme who were never bitten or how about this the thousands who have been bitten but don’t come down with lyme.

Are we heading down the road of the next Panic disease, that is not only false but just a big fat lie??! I believe so so does Anthony Williams.  And if I look long and hard I know there are other out there that are seeing this as well.

Have you ever noticed that once there is a disease described it starts to grow like a mold.  You see it everywhere.  It’s like wanting a red car, all of a sudden you start to see that red car you wanted everywhere.  Where did they come from, how come everyone started to buy that color of car?  That is not what is happening.  The only reason you are seeing the red car all over town is because you are paying attention to it.  Try this today as you travel through your day, pick a color of car.  Now see if you don’t start to see more of that color show up.  The only reason you’ll see it is because you have chosen to concentrate on that color. That color has always been out there you just didn’t pay attention to it until now. Make sense?

The same with Lyme it was first diagnosed in the 1970’s and it was seen as a virus not a bacteria.  Why and when did it become a bacteria?  WE as a society need to look much closer into the history at this disease.

I have answered my own question from up above while looking into this chapter and email,  why are the alcohol or oil based herbal medicine causing me issues? It’s the over load of viruses I have been carrying for decades.  It isn’t die off / herxing it is the shock of the herbs strength taxing my already weaken immune system.  My body has been waging war for such a long time to add anything different has it going into a fight or flight response.  I have been finding out also that with every new stress, cold, surgery, temperature change, or fumes from a car exhaust, it is taxes my system!  I then have more symptoms show up , adding to my already long list of symptoms.   I love where Anthony describes all the other stressors out there that can cause you to have Lyme Symptoms.

What can you do about it?  First off you get online and listen to what Anthony has to say about Lyme, second go get his book.  Third you need to stop your harsh Lyme protocol and give your body what it needs to kill off the viruses you are carrying.  I ordered glycerin based tinctures and supplements he recommended with no fillers in them today.  I will be adding more good things to my gmo free, all natural organic diet.   I am extremely lucky to have found a water base CBD to take and now I get that relief I was looking forward to.

I have added meditation to my life already and will be doing much more of it.  I have discovered that Love and not being alone helps as well.  Never stop looking, researching and learning.

I believe that you can heal yourself, but you need to ask for help and look at different points of views.  I’m sadden to see that all we want is a one size fits all pill to cure us.  I believe we came here in this life to find ways around the limited thinking, to over come the obstacles and to reach out and teach one another how to over come what looks daunting.  Love and light sent to you.

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