music as meditation No meds required

One of the most rewarding ways of healing are not from a medicine bottle nor is it from an herbal bottle.  That said I still found myself drawn into that one pill fix syndrome!

It saddens me that most of us are taught that we can only find a cure to what ills us from a pharmaceutical or an herbal remedy.  As a holistic health practitioner, I have fallen into this slump as well.  I found I was listening to trigger words like a doctor would.  And how sad is that?? You feel sad to take this herb… you feel lonely here this herbal tea helps you forget??!! What are you trying to forget is what I should have asked!

Our health is not a one pill fix! It takes a lot of different things to help our body, mind, and spirit to heal from, that which we allowed taking those very things away from us.  And not that we did it on purpose.  It starts out like a hoarder a little bit here and a little bit there and before we know it we have a house full of things we don’t need and before you know it we are climbing a mountain of rubbish to go to bed.  Our bodies are the same way… McDonald’s today Wendy’s the next or how about just a bowl of coco puffs cereal at night and that mac and cheese at midnight. Don’t forget that Taco bell….  Yeah, our bodies and mind start to look like that hoarder’s house. Arteries that are hardening, bodies that become stiff as a board.  How about that middle 12 pack you are carrying around.  It’s just an act of God to tie your running shoes.

Just about all food unless whole, grass-fed or raw is going to cause some sort of problems as well.  I have to read about everything I put in my mouth for it might be full of MSG, GMO’S, Pesticides, heavy metal. OMG

But wait you say I have to work take the kids to practice and send me a list body size long on all the honey do’s, and say I have to eat something.  Yeah, your right but you get what you spend the time on. You spend a minute for your health you get a minute of health.  Get what you give…..

So you run to the doctor who hears a key word and prescribes the latest pharma pill and you end up sicker, and those wonderful side effects that come with that wonder pill.  Now you have triple problems to what you started out fighting in your health.

Now surround yourself with Mr. TV nightly news,  and that coworker that loves drama and you wonder why you now have PTSD, depression and can’t sleep at night.

You forgot to stop and listen to those songs that make you smile or swing your hips.  You’re too busy to listen to the radio when you could listen to the latest horror stories.   Hell, you can’t go on Facebook without seeing a dying child on Santa’s lap or the man who hates gay people so he shoots 50 of them.  It’s all we can do to shut our computers off at night and not pull that pistol tighter under the covers and caress it like a lover.

I said it before I have fallen into that key word herbal remedy and all I got for it is more things to take and more stress.  Last night I stopped reading the horror stories and looking up remedies and listened to some music.  I saw Sting on tv and thought wow I haven’t heard any of his new stuff from 2011.  That’s ridiculous!!! Where the hell has I been? Blink blink rub rub the eyes.

I felt like I had come out of a deep, dark cave!

It was my own fault I have not stopped and looked up from my phone or computer in a long time.  I have been putting in key words in on what has been causing me to be sick.

I felt so good just listening to that music that I reached out and sent a song to a wonderful friend. As we sent songs back and forth I got to feeling more alive …free!  I felt like I came up out of water that I had been under for way too long. It’s that feeling you get when you come up and gasp that pure, cool air into your tight, burning lungs.

My spirit felt so light and clearer after spending just a few moments with a good friend and some great songs.

WE need to have people in our life that love us no matter where we are at in this life path. To know you can reach out and lose yourself in that love and freedom of joy that is them.  Music is the best meditation in the world.

There are songs that describe our feelings for someone we are far away from. That song of the loved one we miss and is still here kissing our cheeks and holding our hand.  Or it tells the story of the horrors we are witness to.  Songs help us feel those emotions we have hidden deep down in our soul.

I believe most of my illness is due to the way I hide my emotions deep inside myself.  I forget that I am supposed to have emotions and feel them whole heartily.  Fear keeps us from saying what is on our heart and mind.  How many people would end up in a better place if they could just express themselves without the fear of repercussion?? How about if those people who are so crazed just need to know they are heard.  I hear you I ‘m yelling to those who think your not!!  The divine hears you promise you!!  Stop and let him know what you are worried about or what your are feeling.  No, you don’t have to wait till church you can tell him naked in the shower.  Know you are heard and listen to that song that says just that!

Also, pay attention to that song you are drawn to that day, it may very well be that love you are looking for.  My faith is once more restored just by that little bit of time spent listening to those songs that talk about what I have forgotten I felt.  Today I sit and write this blog with those songs replaying over and over. BEST DAY EVER!!!

So do yourself a favor… Turn off the TV and Turn on your favorite station or grab your iPod and update it.  Go for a walk and talk to yourself, dance and let go of all that has been hidden deep inside.  DANCE in your seat and let that glow flow!!  Music is the best medicine!!  Love and light



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